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Districtwide Plans


Vision 2025: Re-Imagining Public Education

What should that future look like? What do our students need from their education, and what does SFUSD need to look like to make that happen? How might we innovate while still maintaining and supporting the good work being done today?

To answer these questions, we developed a new vision for the future of public education in San Francisco and will use this vision as a guide to transform the city’s school system, over the next decade, into one of the premier systems in the world. Learn more about Vision 2025.

Strategic Plan: Transform Learning. Transform Lives.

We strive to be an exemplary learning organization. Our strategic plan, Transform Learning. Transform Lives., builds upon the previous version Impact Learning. Impact Lives., which developed from the original plan, Beyond the Talk: Taking Action to Educate Every Child Now. The initial plan explicitly called for a commitment to equity and social justice, and we continue to work toward those goals in conjunction with Vision 2025. Read more about our 2016-19 strategic plan.

Building the Digital District

To deliver upon the vision of a world-class education, SFUSD will need to embrace a digital approach to education based on the best of the changing technologies around us. This Digital District plan articulates the role technology will play as a critical enabler to our vision, building on the foresight of both our education professionals and thought leaders within our communities and across the country. From the lunchroom to the classroom, the promise of technology to positively impact the learning and lives of our students is clear.

2013-2018 SFUSD LEA Plan

The SFUSD/COE 2013-18 LEA Plan is a framework and roadmap for the continued commitment to the District’s equity-based strategic plan. The LEA Plan is a requirement for districts receiving federal funding sub-grants for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act – NCLB Programs. The plan describes the actions that SFUSD/COE will take to ensure that programmatic requirements are met, including needs assessment information, student academic services designed to increase student achievement and performance, coordination of services.