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Vision 2025 cover image - a youth looking out at the city

Invest in SFUSD Schools

Vision 2025 starts today: join the movement!

To accelerate towards Vision 2025, SFUSD’s Fund Development Team is featuring four investment opportunities to SPARK student success. Through these initiatives, we hope to engage and empower the broader San Francisco community to invest in areas that are critical to achieving our vision. We are excited to feature four ways to SPARK San Francisco public schools—through Learning, Wellness, New Schools, Talent, and Partnerships.


Inspire the next generation of innovators

The 21st-century teaching and learning outlined by Vision 2025 requires students to have access to digital devices, applications and content throughout their pre-k-to-12 experience. SparkLearning is a citywide campaign to raise the necessary funds to bring new technology to all of its schools and will help schools integrate digital devices into classrooms to support learning and prepare students to live and thrive in the San Francisco of today and tomorrow.


Create the future student dining experience

The research is clear that student wellness and nutrition is a critical component of student success. Support student wellness by investing in SFUSD's Future Dining Experience initiative that is working to comprehensively redesign the school food experience for all students through the creation of dining areas that are full of options, creative, and student centered.

SPARK*New Schools

Build the new schools where students will engage, explore and excel

The new Willie Brown Middle School, a next-generation STEM school needs your support to take the teaching and learning experience to the next level. Vision 2025 details the innovative learning environments necessary to prepare all students to live and thrive in the world of today and tomorrow.


Ensure a teacher in every classroom

The primary driver of student success relies on strong and effective teachers delivering highly rigorous content. School districts across the nation are facing a serious teacher and administrator shortage. SFUSD is expanding innovative programs that recruit and retain a more local and diverse workforce of teachers and is building strong pathways for leaders to grow as administrators through strong national partnerships.


Invest and expand our collective impact

SFUSD has built strong partnerships with business and philanthropic leaders that have allowed us to pilot innovative initiatives and programs that inform our broader strategies as a school system.