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Public Education Enrichment Fund Documents

2018-19 PEEF Expenditure Plan

2018-19 PEEF Expenditure Plan 

The San Francisco Board of Education approved the $73.7 million Public Education Enrichment Fund (PEEF) Expenditure Plan Proposal on 3-13-18, which allocates voter-approved funds for sports, libraries, arts, music and other programs in the city's public schools.

The PEEF budget for the 2018-19 school year includes an additional $4.2 million than the previous school year, a reflection of SFUSD’s growing investment in targeted programs to improve the educational experiences of all students.

The programs that receive funding address key SFUSD initiatives, including the African American Achievement Leadership Initiative; Vision 2025; Our Children, Our Families Outcomes Framework; the School Quality Improvement Index; and Impact Learning, Impact Lives. There is funding for more than 200 arts teachers, librarians, and PE teachers, and for school sites to support homeless students.

PEEF funding includes:

  • $6.8 million for physical education instruction in schools
  • $4.2 million for extracurricular athletics programs
  • $11 million for school libraries
  • $14.7 million for arts and music programs
  • $36.8 million for student, family, and academic supports, including social workers, nurses, Wellness Centers, peer resources, restorative practices, translation and interpretation, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), multilingual pathways, Career Technical Education and ethnic studies

PEEF funding will help support:

  • 46 PE teachers, elementary equipment and support, secondary dollars for sites, fitness labs, Special Olympics and bike program
  • 375 site athletic coaches, stipends for teams, equipment, uniforms, transportation, athletic trainers, and Paralympics
  • 72 librarians, books, technology, databases, site allocations
  • 93 arts teachers, site allocations, special programs, instruments, district-wide events

PEEF Reports

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Expenditure Plans From Prior Years

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2010-11 SFUSD PEEF Expenditure Plan - Revised 4-22-10

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2009-10 SFUSD PEEF Expenditure Plan - Revised  3-13-09

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2008-09 SFUSD PEEF Expenditure Plan 2-01-08

2007-08 SFUSD PEEF Expenditure Plan 2-01-07

2006-07 SFUSD PEEF Expenditure Plan 2-01-06

2005-06 SFUSD PEEF Expenditure Plan 2-01-05

For additional information, please contact  Edwin Diaz at

Community Advisory Committee for PEEF