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Quality Teacher & Education Act


The Quality Teacher and Education Act (QTEA), approved in 2008 by over 70% of the voters, provides increased support and accountabilty for our educators and schools. The initiative has a number of components, including:

  • Making San Francisco teacher salaries more competitive with those in surrounding school districts;
  • Providing financial incentives for teachers to work at schools with historically high turnover and teach in hard-to-fill subject areas such as special education and bilingual instruction;
  • Increasing teacher accountability through the Peer & Assistance Review program;
  • Improving academic innovation through research and development;
  • Providing and upgrading technology for educators

The ballot measure for the Quality Teacher & Education Act is available here.

Professional Development funded by QTEA

SFUSD has three PD programs funded by the Quality Teacher Education Act (Prop A): The Master Teacher Program, The Lesson Study Project, and PD for Paraprofessionals. Follow this link to learn more about the Master Teacher Program in SFUSD

Lesson Study provides an alternative approach to professional development and instructional improvement. One that values teaching, teachers, and the long-term learning and development of students. Lesson Study values professional teaching communities and provides an important learning structure—the research lesson. In Lesson study teams, the research lesson provides an ongoing method to improve instruction, “ensuring that good ideas are not just talked about but brought to life for shared observation and analysis” (Catherine Lewis, 2011).

QTEA Impact & Innovation Awards

QTEA called for support for and recognition of schools modeling effective strategies and schools showing the most growth in student achievement. As part of this effort, SFUSD has worked with UESF to establish the Impact and Innovation Awards.  The Impact and Innovation Awards aim to reward schools that have demonstrated achievement, to support schools to innovate, and to develop effective methods of sharing strategies that hard-working staff at these schools employ day-to-day to support student achievement.

The Impact and Innovation Awards aim to reward schools which have demonstrated achievement and to develop effective methods of sharing strategies that hard-working staff at these schools employ day-to-day to support student achievement. The awards program is two-fold:

  • Impact Awards: Recognize schools implementing effective practices that help move our students, staff and schools toward SFUSD’s Six Strategies for Success outlined in Impact Learning. Impact Lives.
  • Innovation Awards: Identify priority equity challenges at schools and enable schools to design a program that address this challenge.

The 2015 award winners and archives of past winners are available here.

Research Findings on QTEA

Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) and the Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA) at Stanford University have documented the development of the parcel tax and are studying the first three years of implementation. Links to their papers on QTEA are available at the following link:

For employees, additional information can be found on the new QTEA Intranet site (employee log-in required):

Senior Citizen Exemption Option

Homeowners may be eligible for an exemption from this parcel provided they meet certain criteria. Click here for more information about the Senior Citizen Exemption Office

QTEA Oversight Committee 

The 2008 ballot measure called for the establishment of an Oversight Committee with the responsibiliy of reviewing and reporting to the Board of Education on the allocations and expenditures supported by QTEA. More information about this committee and other resources are available here.