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2014-15 QTEA Impact & Innovation Awards

For 2014-15, we received more than 50 applications from more than 30 schools. It was inspiring to see the range of strategies and practices (current and proposed) happening across the city to support our students and community.

This year, the application looked for not only promising practices but also feasibility and ability to successfully implement these practices. Schools were provided a rubric, along with examples of project plans and budgets. The application asked for an overview of the practice(s) a school was pursuing along with an action plan describing how they planned to implement the practice(s). Applications were also asked to to give the amount of funds they needed for implementation.

Our Selection Committee, including members from SFUSD, UESF, UASF and the QTEA Oversight Committee, used a blind review process (all school names were scrubbed from applications) and the same rubric to to review applications. Categories within the rubric included Alignment to District Goals, Feasibility, Likelihood of Success, Understanding of Impact (all categories were weighted evenly). After the review process, 15 Impact & Innovation Award Winners were selected for 2014-15. You can see their winning applications below:

2014-15 Impact & Innovation Award Winners

The applications you see do not include the schools' detailed action plans and budgets due to size of the files. We've provided select exemplars below: