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2015-16 Impact & Innovation Awards

For 2015-16, we received 58 applications from more than 30 schools.Our schools continue to demonstrate inguenity and dedication to ensuring an exemplary academic education

2015-16 Impact Awards

The structure for this year's Impact award winners was largely unchanged from the awards process conducted in prior years. This year, we continued to ask applicants to showcase their promising practice and also demonstrate how the school would implement this award. Each applicant was also required to submit a detailed budget before their submission was even considered. Our winners for 2015-16 are as follows (click on the link to see their applications):

2015-16 Innovation Awards

During the first two years of these awards, Innovation awards were granted to promising (but largely untested) projects that showed a reasonable expectation of success. Starting this year, we have restructured the awards to advance our broader efforts to implement an innovative system (Shift #9 in Vision 2025) and capitalize on SFUSD’s new iLab as a resource toward that end. As a result, schools were not asked to submit a promising practice, but rather invited to present an equity challenge that their school community is facing and wants to tackle in an innovative fashion. The winning schools then assembled a site team to engage in a design process (including an iLab bootcamp and followup coaching sessions) in order to create an innovative work plan that addresses their unique challenge. Our winning applicants are currently in the middle of that process; we expect them to finalize their design early in the Spring 2016 semester. Winning schools are listed below (click on their name to see their design challenge):