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Senior Citizen Exemption Office

Welcome to SFUSD's Senior Citizen Exemption Homepage!

In 2008 and 2010, the citizens of San Francisco approved two critical measures to support the San Francisco Unified School District: the Quality Teacher Education Act of 2008 and the School Facilities Special Tax of 2010. Both of these measures included an exemption for seniors living on the property provided they meet certain criteria. Please use this page as your resource for understanding one's eligibility for an exemption from these charges as well as the process to apply for and receive an exemption from school district.

How to get a 2016-2017 Application:

  • Paper applications will be mailed out during the first week of May 2016. Printed applications are also available in our office at 135 Van Ness Ave, Room 112.
  • Download the Senior Citizen Exemption application form.


  • All applications and supporting copies of documents must be received by the SFUSD Senior Citizen Exemption Office by Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 5 P.M.
  • No late application forms will be accepted.
Assessments for 2017 – 2018:
  • Quality Teacher & Education Act of 2008: $TBD.
  • School Facilities Special Tax of 2010: $TBD for Single Family Dwellings or $TBD per unit in multiple unit complexes.

Application Process