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Purpose of the CBOC

The SFUSD Bond Program Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) was formed in 2004 under the terms of State Proposition 39, following the approval of Prop A 2003. Among the requirements of State Proposition 39 are a specific listing of proposed sites where funds will be spent, a description of the improvements that will be made and the establishment of a Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee to review the spending of Bond funds and report their findings to the general public. Committee members who represent a variety of interests were approved by the SFUSD school board. Committee members are appointed to two year terms. Currently, there are ten members on the committee. The CBOC meets every other month to review progress of the Bond Program. The meetings are open to the general public. Meeting agendas and minutes are posted on this website.

Current Members

Yakuh Askew

Principal architect in private practice in the Bay Area.

Lourdes Garcia

Architect in private practice in the East Bay
Member who is a parent of children enrolled in the District and who is active in a Parent-Teacher organization.

Walter Haub

Retired, Director of SFUSD Buildings & Grounds
Member of UASF-Emeritus
Representative for an employee organization

Brian Liles

Architect in private practice in San Francisco
Member who is a parent of two children enrolled in the District

Nancy Mayeda

SFUSD Principle 

Monica Pressley

CFO, San Francisco Foundation
Member active in a business organization in San Francisco

Jim Quadra

Current Chairman of CBOC
Civil Litigation Attorney in San Francisco
Representative for the immigrant community

Mike Theriault

Current Vice-Chairman of CBOC
Secretary-Treasurer for SF Building and Construction Trades Council
Parent of 2 children who have graduated from the SFUSD school system
Member at Large

Past Members

  • Nan McGuire

Link to Agendas & Minutes

Link to Financial Reports

Link to Audit Reports

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