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“In a world constructed around the assumption that everyone has the basic skills of literacy and where literacy and freedom are indissolubly linked, to be illiterate is to be unfree.”  — KOICHIRO MATSUURA, Director- General of UNESCO, on International Literacy Day 2002

The Humanities Department oversees curriculum and instruction for English Language Arts and History/Social Studies.  Our primary charge is to ensure that all students are engaged in rigorous learning as they receive instruction in the comprehensive and aligned SFUSD English Language Arts PK-12 Core Curriculum and the California Common Core State Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects.

What is our definition of a Core Curriculum?

"By 'curriculum' we mean a coherent, sequential set of guidelines in English/Language Arts, specifying the content knowledge and skills that all students are expected to learn, over time, in a thoughtful progression across the grades.  We do not mean textbook offerings, daily lesson plans, or rigid pedagogical prescriptions."  — SFUSD Humanities Department from the Introduction to SFUSD's ELA PK-12 Core Curriculum

Information for Families

Here are some links of interest to parents, students and other community members:

California Common Core State Standards – The English Language Arts standards adopted by California in August, 2010.                                                                                                                    
Common Core State Standards Resources for Parents and Guardians – includes resources compiled for parents and guardians by the California Department of Education who are interested in learning more about the Common Core State Standards (CACCSS) and how to support your child’s attainment of these standards.

SFUSD ELA PK-12 Core Curriculum History and Implementation
  – A brief overview of the development of the SFUSD ELA PK-12 Core Curriculum and its components.

Information for Teachers

Log on to the SFUSD Intranet via the Employee Login above and then choose Curriculum and Instruction from the Department drop-down menu and then choose Humanities to access information relevant to English Language Arts and/or History/Social Studies. 
For SFUSD employment opportunities, visit the Teaching and Other Certificated Careers page of the SFUSD website.

Stages of SFUSD English Language Arts Work


Visit our Humanities Website to learn more about our work.