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High School Mathematics Pathways

The following math course sequence diagrams provide clarity to the variety of options available to SFUSD high school students. There are multiple pathways for students to progress through mathematics courses, all of which include reaching the most advanced courses (like Calculus AB and BC). A parallel City College of San Francisco (CCSF) option is illustrated in each pathway that describes the courses a student may take during their junior or senior year, thereby allowing a student to receive dual credit (high school and college).

Recommended sequence

CCSS Algebra 1 in ninth grade:

Chart for recommended math pathway sequence

Doubling up in freshman year

CCSS Algebra 1 and CCSS Geometry in ninth grade:

Chart for doubling up in freshman year

Doubling up in sophomore year

CCSS Algebra 1 in ninth grade, CCSS Geometry and CCSS Algebra 2 in tenth grade:

Chart for doubling up in sophomore year


The Mathematics Department oversees curriculum and instruction for math in grades PK-12. 

Our work is driven by four guiding principles: 
  • All students can and should develop a belief that mathematics is sensible, worthwhile, and doable. 
  • All students are capable of making sense of mathematics in ways that are creative, interactive, and relevant. 
  • All students can and should engage in rigorous mathematics through rich, challenging tasks. 
  • Students’ academic success in mathematics must not be predictable on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, language, religion, sexual orientation, cultural affiliation, or special needs.

What's New?

This is an exciting year for mathematics in SFUSD!  We invite you to peruse our website and see what is new, connect with us, and tell us what you think.


Our website can help  parents and other community members locate the information they need to understand the changes brought on by the Common Core and how they will affect students in SFUSD.


Announcements about upcoming PD can be found on our website.  Find out more.

Start at our FAQs to learn more about the Common Core and the SFUSD implementation.

Eligibility for the Math Validation Test (MVT)

Per SF Board of Education policy, only students who are new to SFUSD and who took Algebra 1 as a stand-alone course in 8th grade are eligible to take the Math Validation Test (MVT).  There are currently 100 students eligible and registered to take the MVT this Saturday. Anyone who is not preregistered and eligible per Board policy will be turned away. 

As background, this is the second administration of the Math Validation Test and is open to students who have satisfied the requirements established in SFUSD's Math Placement Policy, which was approved by the Board in May 2016. 

In July, all current 9th grade families received notice through US mail regarding the optional math validation test and the criteria for eligibility to take the test.

There was a July administration with 93 qualified test takers and there are currently 100 students eligible to take the MVT this Saturday, August 20.

As a reminder, the criteria for eligibility to take the MVT is that a student must have taken and passed a Common Core State Standards-aligned Algebra 1 course with a C or better.

The MVT is not a mechanism for skipping Algebra. The intent of the test as it is described in the policy is to check understanding after a student has taken a full course of Algebra 1, thereby improving the likelihood of success in later math courses.