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TK-5 Standards Based Report Cards (SBRC)

2018-19 TK-5 Standards Based Report Cards

The Standards Based Report Card (SBRC) is a tool for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) to communicate with you regarding your child’s progress towards achieving standards.  If your child is meeting the expectations outlined in these standards, he or she will be well-prepared for the next grade. 

Students receive marks that show progress towards end-of-year expectations. Mastery of each expectation is a score of 3 or higher. Instead of letter grades, students receive marks that describe proficiency levels. 

Representatives from parent/community groups, teachers, schools, and district leaders collaborated to redesign the TK–5 Standards Based Report Cards (SBRC) for the 2016–17 school year


Feedback from families and educators informed the process of redesigning the Transitional Kindergarten–Grade 5 SBRC. The need to achieve high-quality and equitable outcomes and to align with SFUSD’s Strategic Plan advanced the redesign process. Beginning in October 2014, a diverse group of stakeholders came together to envision how to best communicate student progress with families and to design a tool to support student growth. The goal of this work was to create report cards that are accessible and comprehensible to all families, including our non-English speaking and historically underserved families

Collaboration and Process

The TK–5 SBRC Task Force began meeting in October 2014 and included representation from: TK–5 teachers,  parents of TK–5 students, Parent Advisory Council members, community partner groups (Coleman Advocates, Mission Graduates, Parents for Public Schools), UESF, and representation from the following SFUSD departments: Elementary LEAD, Achievement Assessments Office, Early Education, Health, Humanities, Instructional Reform Facilitator Network, Mathematics, Multilingual Pathways, Physical Education, Pupil Services, Science, Special Education Services, Technology, and Visual and Performing Arts. More than 30 parents and community members attended report card feedback meetings and 127 parents and community members provided feedback through a survey. More than 60 teachers representing 31 schools participated in the Teacher Working Group or Pathway Report Card Feedback Meetings.

Major Updates/Improvements            

  • Fewer standard statements
  • Fewer proficiency level rubrics
  • Increased font size and eliminated redundant content
  • Expanded translations to Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Arabic (in addition to Chinese & Spanish)
  • Streamlined Cantonese and Mandarin Pathway Report Cards; one report card per grade level
  • New Social-Emotional Development standards statements

Parent Companion Documents for the SFUSD standards based reports cards are now available here.

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