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Arts Education Master Plan (AEMP)

The Arts Education Master Plan (AEMP) is San Francisco Unified School District's blueprint for integrating the arts into each student's daily curriculum. It details why and how the district will provide an education in which students accrue quality knowledge of the arts and creative experiences from day one of preschool through their senior year in high school. As Ruth Asawa, San Francisco artist and pioneer arts educator puts it:

Just as athletes need to exercise every day, children need to make art every day."

The master plan is the product of eight months of research, interviews, surveys and focus groups. It reflects the views of more than 1,500 students, parents, teachers, administrators, arts providers, and civic and business leaders. Driven by a spirit of collaboration, it commits the SFUSD to making dance, drama, music, visual and literary arts an important part of each student's academic career. It calls for a sequential, comprehensive arts education program that reflects the high quality of San Francisco's artistic landscape. The guiding principle of this plan is that all students deserve both access to and equity in arts education.


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Arts Education Master Plan (AEMP)

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