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Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) refers to the disciplines of visual arts, dance, drama/theatre, music and literary arts. The VAPA office administers arts programs for district schools and is a part of SFUSD’s Curriculum and Instruction (C & I) office that oversees teaching and learning along with the other academic subjects.

VAPA’s Mission

Diverse, vibrant and full of life, from the Latin beats of the Mission to the jazz music of the Fillmore District...from the flaming red silk of the Chinese dragon's tail, to the golden lit sconces at the Opera House, the arts are a part of our lives, all of us, every day. It is our goal to revitalize the education of our young citizens by capturing the diverse cultural and artistic energy of a city that is internationally renowned for its love of the arts.

Equity, access and excellence in arts education for every student in every school is the vision and the goal of the Visual and Performing Arts Department, (VAPA), of the San Francisco Unified School District. Bringing the arts into the classroom and students to the arts in our powerfully creative and artistically diverse community, we seek to build and enhance 21st Century Skills and to encourage students, teachers and parents to view themselves as life-long-learners who are inspired by the arts and act as creative participants in our school communities. Viewing the arts both as stand alone subjects taught be credentialed specialists and as powerful partners to academic subjects through interdisciplinary and arts infused classes, we work to teach the whole child and prepare all of our students for fulfilling lives and jobs in the coming years. Thinking in new and creative ways, strengthening our students' unique creative voices and allowing them to take risks, improvise and work both individually and in ensembles, we use arts education to harness the power of the imagination to prepare our students to participate in meaningful ways in their own future communities, jobs and families. We also provide dynamic professional development for teachers and administrators designed to enhance their classroom practice and to inspire them as creative leaders in the educational process.

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