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Elementary Arts Program (EAP) (Grades K-5)

Funded by the City of San Francisco’s Department of Children Youth and their Families (DCYF), the Elementary Arts Program distributes funding on a per pupil basis to be used to hire Artists-in-Residence and pay for supplies according to the site needs. Each school submits a plan to VAPA on how the funds are to be used. The contracts for the arts consultants are written by the staff at the school sites and forwarded to VAPA for approval. Instruction must take place during the curricular day and regular academic year. All K-5 graders are to be served equally, 90% of the allocation must be spent on artist-in-residence workshops and/or performance residencies. The remaining 10% may be spent on expendable art materials and field trips. For more information contact the EAP Coordinator at the VAPA Office.

Elementary Instrumental Music Program, (Grades 4-5)

All SFUSD Elementary Schools are allocated an elementary music teacher to teach violin, flute, trumpet and clarinet once a week. The students are taken out of their regular classroom time for a group lesson. Students rent or purchase an instrument to use for this program. A limited number of instruments are available based on financial need.

Elementary VAPA Generalist Program, (Grades K-5)

All SFUSD Elementary Schools have an itinerant arts teacher in Drama, Music, Visual Arts, or Dance that comes to their school one day a week. Funded by the Public Education Enrichment Fund (PEEF/Prop H), this program was created to serve K-3; however school sites may request that their assigned VAPA teacher serve grads K-5 depending on school need.  Schools choose the arts discipline that best complements their arts programming.

Arts Coordinators

Each school site appoints an Arts Coordinator from either the staff or the school community. School Arts Coordinators are the primary liaisons to the Arts Education Master Plan Implementation Manager and the VAPA office and provide leadership for the Master Plan's implementation under the direction of principals. Arts Coordinators meet for professional development, collaborate with their school’s leadership, PTA and Arts Education Committee if one exists to design and implement arts education programming and disseminate information concerning arts education to the schools district-wide.

Additional Programs

Professional Development for SFUSD Staff

The Visual and Performing Arts Office provides professional development in arts education to school staff, teachers and principals.

Direct Program Support

Direct Program Support to District Secondary Schools’ Art, Music, Dance and Drama Programs K-12.

Repair and Maintenance

District-wide Musical Instrument and Piano Repair and Maintenance.


Visual & Performing Arts Special Events


EWALD Art and Poetry Contest