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Employment and Income Verification

The process to verify an employee's income or employment depends on who is making the request:

Commercial entities

For example: lenders, pre-employment screeners, property managers, or prospective employers

The verifier will need the following information:

  • Employee's social security number
  • Employer's name ("San Francisco Unified School District")
  • Valid credit card
  • If income data is required, you will be prompted during the request process to upload or fax written authorization from the employee


  1. Go to
  2. Click "Verifier Login" or "New Verifier Login"
  3. Follow the prompted instructions
  4. Submit the request for specific employee online ($21.95 fee)
  5. uConfirm fulfills request
  6. View results online

Social services

For example: housing authorities, child protective care agencies, county or state welfare offices, tax-subsidized housing programs, and state or federal benefits programs

  • Call 866-312-8266 and select option 4
  • Fax requests to uConfirm Social Services at 770-456-5384 (no cost), 770-456-5380 or 404-829-1336.


For example: employees requesting verification of employment for themselves (including letters)

Email requests to, call 866-312-8266 and select option 2, or call 404-382-5400.

uConfirm provides verification of employment reports to employees via fax, email or mail (no cost).


Teachers who need employee verification of experience forms can email requests to or fax 770-217-3188.


For public services loans or teacher loan forgiveness forms, fax forms to 404-829-1336.

If you have any questions regarding verifications, please contact Ana Arevalo at 415-241-6101, ext. 1245 or