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Credential Resources

Visit our SFUSD Credentials Website!

Our Credentials Team is dedicated to supporting educators in meeting credential requirements, whether you are a prospective educator, a credentialed educator, or in the process of obtaining your credential. 

Current Employees

Find information on how to look up your credentialsrenew your credential, and add additional content authorizations on our SFUSD Credentials website.

Prospective Employees

Learn more about the Credentials Ladder, find out how to enroll in a University Intern Credential program, and obtain test preparation resources on our SFUSD Credentials website.

Credential Unit Contact Information

If you were not able to find the answer to your question on our website and/or would like further assistance, we welcome you to contact us at

USF Tuition Discount for SFUSD Employees

USF has a partnership with San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) to support paraprofessionals, long term substitutes, and emergency credentialed teachers into the teaching profession.

To be eligible for this discounted tuition with USF, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates must be currently employed as a SFUSD paraprofessional, emergency-credentialed teacher, or substitute teacher, and 
  2. Candidates must be applying for any USF preliminary teacher credential plus MA program (including MAT, MATR, UESJ, and MA Special Education) on the hilltop San Francisco campus (not branch campuses) starting in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2017, and
  3. Candidates need to continue to be employed as such with SFUSD during their enrollment in a USF teacher credential program in 2017-19 (including becoming interns), and
  4. Candidates are asked to commit to teaching in SFUSD for at least 3 years thereafter.

For more information, see this helpful FAQ about the application process.