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Routes to Teaching

All SFUSD teachers must hold or be pursuing a valid California State Teaching Credential issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).  Additionally, all K-12 teachers must possess certification issued by the CTC to instruct English Learner students at the commencement of their employment.  Note that California teaching credentials are subject-matter specific.

Certification may be obtained through traditional university credentialing programs, alternative certification routes, and through reciprocity for out-of-state trained teachers.

We encourage you to review the CTC website  to learn more about California State credentialing requirements.

Out-of-State Credentialed Educators

SFUSD welcomes applicants who became certified in another state.  All out-of-state certificated teachers must apply for their California credential and obtain the appropriate authorization for teaching English Learners (EL). Please review the following links for more information:

SFUSD can help to facilitate the transition to teach in California by assisting a new hire in applying for the appropriate California credential after s/he has been offered a position.  All new teachers must complete the requirements for the appropriate California credential within a year of their date of hire.

Alternative Certification Routes

Alternative Certification Routes are accelerated programs available for career changers, recent college graduates and individuals with subject matter expertise.  If you are interested, please apply directly to one of the programs listed below.

SFUSD Pathway to Teaching

SFUSD Pathway to Teaching is the first district-sponsored credentialing program. It is a cohort of inspiring educators focused on equity and achievement in the San Francisco classrooms where they are needed most. During a year of teaching, coaching and community-building, they learn to forge relationships in their schools and develop a rigorous, culturally relevant curriculum that will prepare students to live, thrive, and succeed in San Francisco and beyond. Learn more about SFUSD Pathway to Teaching.

San Francisco Teacher Residency Program

San Francisco Teacher Residency (SFTR) recruits talented individuals who are committed to teaching in San Francisco’s hard-to-staff schools and subjects. Combining a year-long classroom apprenticeship with targeted master’s-level coursework, SFTR provides residents with the practical learning, hands-on experience, and ongoing support essential for successful careers in teaching. The residency leads to a teaching credential and a position in an SFUSD classroom. Learn more about SFTR.

Intern Program

SFUSD Teacher Interns attend one of our partner universities and work as salaried classroom teachers while they earn their credential.  Interns receive program support, release time to observe effective teachers, and university supervision of their student teaching.  Upon completion of the program, all interns must apply for a Preliminary Clear or Education Specialist Credential. Learn more about SFUSD's Intern Program and partners.

Para to Teacher Program

The Para to Teacher Program (PTTP) assists SFUSD paraprofessionals who want to become teachers. Candidates are enrolled in college and have completed a minimum of 48 general education units.  PTTP has placed over 156 teachers in SFUSD as classroom teachers. Learn more about SFUSD's Para to Teacher Program

Teach For America

Teach For America (TFA) is a national corps of recent college graduates and professionals of varying academic majors and career interests who commit two years to teaching in urban and rural public schools in the effort to expand educational opportunity.  For more information, please contact Teach for America.

International Teachers

The San Francisco Unified School District welcomes international teachers as long as they have obtained the appropriate visa sponsorship from an outside organization and are willing to meet all of the requirements for California state certification.  SFUSD is unable to sponsor working visas at this time; however, applicants who have been issued a J-1 visa are eligible for hire.