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photo of student and teacher in chemistry lab with the word INSPIRE embossed on the photo

Professional Development and Support

San Francisco Unified is committed to the ongoing professional support and growth of its teachers. As a teacher with SFUSD, you will be provided with rich professional development opportunities, including workshops, collaboration, and mentoring.

Our Office of Professional Growth and Development can provide you with even further information about the support we provide our teachers.

Beginning Teacher & Assessment (BTSA)

San Francisco Unified's CCTC approved BTSA/Induction Program is designed for teachers with CA Preliminary General Education Credentials. This program provides individual coaching and specific professional development based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) and Induction Standards. BTSA/Induction teachers will receive two years of targeted coaching and formative assessment provided by an experienced support provider.  Once BTSA/Induction teachers have successfully completed all Induction requirements, they can apply for their Clear Credential.

If you are an SFUSD employee seeking more information about the BTSA/Induction program please click here.

National Board Certification Program

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is an organization of teachers and other education stakeholders who are working to strengthen the teaching profession and improve student learning. The San Francisco Unified School District recognizes the tremendous impact that National Board Certified Teachers have on teaching and learning. Therefore, we are committed to offering a program that provides ongoing support to its teachers who engage in the certification process.

Benefits to applying for National Board Certification

  1. Positive impact on classroom practice.
  2. Participation in quality professional development.
  3. Recognition as an accomplished teacher.
  4. An SFUSD salary adjustment of $5,000 above regular, annual salary is given to a teacher who holds a current NBPTS certificate.

Find out more about SFUSD's National Board Support Program.

PD Programs funded by QTEA (Prop A)

SFUSD has three PD programs funded by the Quality Teacher Education Act (Prop A): The Master Teacher Program, The Lesson Study Project, and PD for Paraprofessionals. Follow this link to learn more about the Master Teacher Program in SFUSD

Lesson Study provides an alternative approach to professional development and instructional improvement. One that values teaching, teachers, and the long-term learning and development of students. Lesson Study values professional teaching communities and provides an important learning structure—the research lesson. In Lesson study teams, the research lesson provides an ongoing method to improve instruction, “ensuring that good ideas are not just talked about but brought to life for shared observation and analysis” (Catherine Lewis, 2011).

Community Support

As a teacher in San Francisco, you can count on the support of the local community. San Francisco’s voters recognize the importance of public education and have approved several measures in recent years to increase funding for SFUSD schools and teachers.

Proposition A

In June of 2008, San Francisco voters passed Proposition A, a $198 parcel tax to support best teaching practices and attract and retain high-quality teachers in our schools. These funds help raise our teachers’ salaries, support their professional development, improve technology in our schools, expand the Peer Assistance Review program, and provide incentives to teach in hard-to-fill subject areas and/or schools with historically high teacher turnover. Learn more about the SFUSD Proposition A Bond Program.

Proposition H

San Francisco voters passed Proposition H in 2004 to provide funding for general education, after school programs, arts, physical education, mental health, and pre-K programs.

Facilities Bond

San Francisco voters approved a $295 million facilities bond in 2003, the largest capital improvement bond ever approved for the school district. The funds go toward renovating classrooms, improving accessibility for students with disabilities, and removing asbestos from schools.

The City as Your Classroom

The city of San Francisco provides excellent resources for educators to share with students.  Educators can teach life sciences using hands-on activities at the Exploratorium or develop social sciences curriculum around and exploration of Angel Island; or expose students to the arts by taking them to the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, deYoung, and Palace of Fine Arts. The possibilities for enriching your students’ education are endless!

Finally, teaching and living in San Francisco allows you to continue to work on your own education. San Francisco is known for the large numbers of esteemed colleges and universities within its borders and was recently reported as the second most educated city in the country according to the Census Bureau. San Francisco also has one of the best public library systems in the country. SFUSD values lifelong learning for both its students and teachers. To this end, we offer increased salary based on graduate units completed. See the salary schedule for more information.