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Teaching Salary and Benefits


San Francisco Unified School District offers competitive salaries based on prior full-time teaching experience and completed credits post B.A. Follow this link to view credentialed salary schedules. Please note that only the salary office can confirm your official salary.

Teacher salaries are annualized (paid out over eleven months, with two paychecks in July and none in August) on or about the last day of each month. All teachers are required to enroll in direct deposit, which is the most timely and efficient method of receiving your pay.

Verification of Previous Experience

Your salary step placement will be based on the verification of full-time experience information you provide when hired. You will need to submit a Verification of Experience Form and official transcripts post-BA to the Salary Office. Salary differentials based on credits completed beyond your bachelor’s degree require you to submit your official post-BA transcripts to the Salary Office. As long as you submit your official transcripts and Verification of Experience Forms to the Salary Office within 90 days of your date of hire, any creditable differentials are retroactive to your start date.

Non-credentialed Teachers

Intern and Non-credentialed teachers are not entitled to claim outside teaching experience. However, a non-credentialed teacher will receive service credit for each year worked in the District. Salary placement is based on the first step of the non-credentialed teachers’ salary schedule, plus units earned beyond a Bachelor’s Degree. Intern teachers are given year-for-year credit for full-time teaching experience outside the District.

Additional Stipends

On top of the standard annual salary, SFUSD offers additional stipends to qualifying teachers:

Proposition A Funding

Due to the passage of Proposition A in 2008, SFUSD is in an exciting position to offer financial incentives to teachers teaching in a hard to staff school or high need subject area. Teachers at hard-to-staff schools will receive a $2,000 stipend, and teachers in hard-to-fill subject will receive a $1,000 stipend. Learn more about high need schools and subject areas.

National Board Certified Teachers

SFUSD recognizes the tremendous impact that National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) have on teaching and learning. Therefore, SFUSD is committed to offering a program that provides ongoing support to its teachers who engage in the certification process. One of the benefits of obtaining National Board Certification is a $5,000 salary adjustment above regular, annual salary.


San Francisco Unified School District offers its teachers an outstanding, competitive, and comprehensive benefits package. Active, certificated staff members working at least 50% of full-time employment (0.5 FTE) are eligible for benefits. Employees must complete and return the New Hire Benefits Packet and confirm enrollment by speaking to someone in the Benefits Office in order for coverage to begin on the first of the month (following the end of the first pay period) after the date of hire.

For the Benefits Office, call 415-241-6101 or click here.

Click here for the San Franciso Health Services System (HSS) complete benefits guide.

Medical and Vision

San Francisco Unified certificated employees who work at least 50% of full time employment can select from a variety of comprehensive medical coverage plans. View more information on medical coverage plans. Individual and family costs vary. Certificated employees are also provided a VSP vision care plan. Coverage for teachers and their families begins on the first of the month following the end of the pay period after the date of hire. Please read the New Hire Benefits Information Packet and submit the New Hire Packet to be returned to SFUSD Benefits Dept immediately upon hire.


As a new employee, you and your eligible dependents are entitled to dental benefits through Delta Dental. Coverage begins on the first of the month following the end of the first pay period after the new employee’s date of hire. This is contingent upon the new employee enrolling in coverage within 30 days of the hire date.

Retirement Benefits (STRS)

Certificated employees become members of the State Teacher’s Retirement System on the first day of employment. Membership is mandatory for all certificated staff who require a credential, certificate, or permit, and who are employed to perform credible service on a full-time or part-time basis. The contribution rate is 8% of the gross salary (pre-taxed).

Union Representation

San Francisco Unified teachers may choose to be represented by the United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) Teachers’ Union. UESF is the collective voice of San Francisco Unified School District teachers and paraprofessionals. UESF offers the opportunity to join a group of organized and professional educators committed to learning and to the bond between students and their teachers. UESF works to support successful education and to seek remedies for unsuccessful educational efforts. 

Additional Benefits

New employees are also eligible for a variety of additional benefits including