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English Learners

Classification of English Learners

Your child is classified as an English Learner (EL) if:

1. When you filled out the “Home Language Survey” on the SFUSD Enrollment Application, you answered at least one of the following questions with a language other than English:

  • What language did your child first learn when s/he began to talk?
  • What language do you use most frequently to speak with your child?
  • What language does your child use most frequently at home?

2. And 

  • At Transitional Kindergarten (TK), Kindergarten or first grade, your child did not receive an overall score of Bridging on the English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC) the first time he/she took the test or received an overall score of Bridging but had a sub-score that was Emerging in either the listening or speaking section.
  • At grades two and above, your child did not receive an overall score of Bridging on the English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC) or received an overall score of Bridging, but had one or more sub-scores that was Emerging.

3. Or your child has not yet been reclassified as an English proficient student by SFUSD.

If the Home Language Survey indicates that only English is spoken in the home, a teacher may request that a student be assessed using the ELPAC if the teacher is concerned that the student may have English language acquisition challenges. If the student does not score Bridging on the ELPAC, he/she will be classified as an English Learner.

As English Learners, students must receive services and are eligible for
programs until they are reclassified as English proficient students.

To maximize English Learner access to a quality education, SFUSD provides
6 pathways:

  1. Dual Language Pathways
  2. Biliteracy Pathways
  3. Secondary Dual Language Pathways
  4. Newcomer Pathways
  5. World Language Pathways
  6. English Plus Pathways

We encourage parents and guardians to learn more about how each pathway can help English Learners academically succeed.

2018-19 English Learner Program Guide

Filipino Biliteracy Bicultural Pathway

San Francisco Unified School District invites families of incoming kindergarten students to enroll in the enhanced Filipino Biliteracy Bicultural Pathway at Bessie Carmichael School and Longfellow Elementary School.  See the details:

In English

In Tagalog

Great things are happening for our kids in San Francisco public schools.