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Application Process

Steps 1-4

Step 1 - Prepare Documents  

Families applying for TK or kindergarten and families who are new to SFUSD should gather the following documents and be prepared to submit them with their application.  

  • Photo identification for the child’s parent/guardian
  • Proof of the child’s birth (birth certificate, hospital record). If the document does not list the parent/guardian’s name, additional verification to prove guardianship is required.
  • One document proving home address (with the name of the parent/guardian listed). List of acceptable proofs of home address

Step 2 - Complete the Application   

Application forms for 2019-2020 are available at the EPC. You also can print the application from here. Please complete all sections of the application. Incomplete applications cannot be processed as on-time applications. Remember to sign the application to verify that the information provided is accurate. Applications should list the schools and programs where your child wants to enroll in order of preference. Students can request any school within their grade level in SFUSD. There is no limit to the number of schools that students can request on their application.

Step 3 - Submit the Application

Students who submit their applications by January 11, 2019 will have the best chances of being assigned to their requested school. If you submit an application by the January 11 deadline, an assignment offer will be mailed to you the week of March 18, 2019. Application Collection Sites

4. Schedule Language Assessments (as needed)

Students who speak a language other than English, and list a Dual Language Pathway as a school choice, may be assessed for their current language skills to evaluate his/her a child’s proficiency in the pathway language. Parents/guardians should submit their child’s enrollment application early to meet with an EPC counselor and complete the necessary assessments. More information on assessments can be found in the English Learner Program Guide.

Who should apply?

Students new to SFUSD, students entering transitional kindergarten (TK) or kindergarten, students transitioning from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school, or students who wish to change schools next year. 

Application Requirements

Age Requirements
Residency Requirements
Student Health Requirements 

Getting Help for Your Application

Placement Counselors

The Educational Placement Center (EPC) is where parents/guardians can apply to enroll their child in an SFUSD school. Placement Counselors are available to assist families in the enrollment process year-round by answering questions, explaining the assignment process and other enrollment-related needs. No appointments are necessary to meet with a Placement Counselor.

Enrollment Workshops

The EPC also offers workshops to help families with important enrollment information. Completed applications packets can also be submitted at these workshops. All workshops are located at 555 Franklin St., San Francisco, CA 94102. To request translation services during an EPC workshop, call 415-522-7343. See here for a list of upcoming workshops.

2019-20 General Enrollment Process Presentation

2019-20 General Enrollment Process Presentation | Español | 中文 | Tiếng Việt | Filipino | العربي
2019-20 General Enrollment Process Presentation

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