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Tools for Shared Leadership, School Governance and Site Planning

Shared Leadership, Governance and Site Planning Toolkit.

Every SFUSD school is required to include their school community in site planning and the Balanced Score Card process, and to have collaborative leadership and governance teams such as the School Site Council and English Learner Advisory Committee.  Many schools also have groups that aren't mandated, such as the PTA or other parent organization, student councils, a Black Student Union or an African American family affinity group.  

SFUSD recognizes the voices and perspectives of all students and families are important to the process of keeping schools on track. Research shows better outcomes for students when schools:

  • Make intentional efforts to invite all student and family groups to participate in school leadership and decision-making
  • Bring together different leadership and governance teams, to reflect and represent the whole school community, and
  • Directly address issues of access, inclusion and equity.

We know it can be challenging to shift school systems and culture to be more inclusive and equitable, especially those based on long-standing school traditions. The resources in this Tool Kit are aligned with SFUSD’s standards and core values to help school leaders – including the principal, other staff, students and families – make these shifts.

Our Toolkit – At a Glance

This toolkit includes documents you can download here, links to other SFUSD web pages, and links to community groups that also provide resources to support family leadership.

2019-20 Timeline for Leadership, School Governance & Planning  (Español | 中文 عربي | Filipino | Tiếng Việt

Our Developmental Look at Shared Leadership and Governance

Self-Assessment Checklists

Tools to Support Leadership and Governance:

Tools for Equity and Inclusion:


Resources for Site Governance & the School Planning Process:

For Other Toolkits:


Video: Dr. Karen Mapp on Parents as Agents of Change



Video: Teacher and Parent Relationships - A Crucial Ingredient
Teacher and Parent Relationships - A Crucial Ingredient (9:20)


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