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Tools for Family & Classroom Partnerships/ Family-Teacher Conferences

Classroom Family Engagement Toolkit

The relationship between home and school serves as the foundation for shared learning and responsibility.” – Dr. Karen Mapp

What’s the Value Anyway?

Parents and schools have something in common: both want their students to be healthy, joyful learners. To ensure that our students get the best out of their academic experiences, parents and schools must partner. Research has clearly shown that when strong family engagement practices are in place:

  • Student achievement significantly improves
  • Teacher morale rises
  • Communication increases
  • Family, school, and community connections multiply

This toolkit will assist parents, teachers, and administrators with developing cooperative strategies to maximize each student’s academic experience. Through a foundation of strong relationships, based on two way communication, authentic partnerships will created and students will thrive.

Our Toolkit – At a Glance

Self-Assessment Checklists:

Assess Your Practice:


Family Teacher Conferences:

For Other Toolkits:


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