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Smiling students and families

Office of Family Voice

If you have a concern, please click below! 


  • Please see flowchart
  • Steps to an Effective Complaint
  • File a Family Voice Form:

    To file a concern, you can email or fill out our form:

    File a concern

    We will address your concerns immediately and follow up until a satisfactory solution for all is found. Please consult the Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook for information on Policies and Regulations.

    We are here to help you voice concerns about your children's education in our schools. We will help you resolve conflicts with schools, as well as follow up with you to determine how effective we were and how your goals were met.

    Please contact us to:

    • Report a concern about an incident at a school.
    • Request an investigation or file a formal complaint.
    • Provide feedback about a specific school’s program and/or leadership.
    • Report a concern about any district policy or procedure (i.e. placements, transfers, graduation requirements, A-G policy, budget allocations, etc.)
    • Inquire about district procedures for disciplinary actions (i.e. suspensions, expulsions, etc.)
    • Ask for a conversation with the Assistant Superintendent who supervises the school's principal.

    All of our schools have a plan of action to ensure that your children thrive in a safe environment, and most problems can be resolved on site.

    You can help resolve problems by:

    • Talking to your child's teacher
    • Talking to the school's principal
    • Keeping a log of all the people you speak to, with dates and times of the incident.

    Thank you for your support in encouraging your families to have their voices heard!


    Office: 555 Franklin Street, first floor
                 San Francisco, CA 94102

    Manager: Ramon Martinez
    Cell phone: 415-793-3298

    Office: 415-241-6150

    Fax: 415-241-6149

    若要通話,請致電: 415-355-7388