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High School Graduation Requirements
& A-G

SFUSD adopted a policy that aligns high school graduation and the A-G requirements. To ensure that all students take college preparatory courses and have the option of applying to a wide range of colleges and universities, students must meet these requirements with a D or better in order to earn a high school diploma.  To be UC/CSU eligible, students must complete these courses with a C or better.

The video below illustrates how the A-G and high school graduation requirements work in a student’s schedule.

High School Graduation Requirements video

What Is A-G?

A-G are 15 year-long college preparatory courses established by the University of California (UC).  These are the minimum required courses students must take during high school in order to be eligible to apply to UCs/CSUs. SFUSD's high school graduation requirements are aligned with A-G; however, there are slight differences.

Required A-G Courses in SFUSD High Schools

  Subject Required Recommended Example Course Titles
A Social Sciences 3 years   Modern World, US History, American Democracy, Economics
B English 4 years *   English 1, English 2, American Literature, European Literature
C Math 3 years ** 4 years Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Calculus
D Lab Sciences 2 years *** 3 years Biology, Chemistry, Physics
E Foreign Language 2 years 3 years Two years of the same language, other than English
F Visual and Performing Arts 1 year   Music, Drama, Art, Ceramics, Architecture
G College Prep Elective 1 year
(10 credits)
  Psychology, Probability and Statistics,
* English One year of Advanced English Development either ELD Advanced S or ELD Advanced W is considered for the B requirement, but not both.
** Math Students who have successfully completed Algebra in 8th grade  with a C or better (including passing the Algebra CST score with a 4 or 5) will still need to complete a minimum of 2 years of math in high school.
*** Science Students must take one year from the Biological Sciences and another year from the Physical Sciences.


Additional Graduation Requirements

230 credits must be completed in order to earn a high school diploma.

A-G coursework and additional required classes (1 semester of college/career, 1 semester of health education, and 2 years of PE) equate to 180 credits. Add to that 50 credits (10 of which must be from the A-G categories) of elective coursework, which brings the total to 230 credits (180 + 50 = 230). These additional graduation requirements do not need to fall into the A-G categories.

Testing Requirements

Students must pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), usually taken in a student's sophomore year. Students have additional opportunities to take the exam up to and through their senior year.


To learn about what A-G courses are offered at each high school in SFUSD, visit the UC Doorways website

Find additional information on the California High School Exit Exam.

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