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Student Interns at Architecture Firm

Career Technical Education (CTE)

CTE provides opportunities for high school students to explore and access high-wage, high-demand careers, while preparing them for post-secondary education. Quality teaching and relationships with labor and business partners ensure students develop the skills needed to succeed in their post-secondary plan.

CTE programs provide core academic instruction, career readiness curriculum and industry-specific skills. CTE participation increases overall engagement in the school community, academic performance and high school graduation rates.

SFUSD Vision: College and Career Readiness

Every student who enrolls in our schools will graduate from high school ready for college and careers, equipped with the skills, capacities and dispositions necessary for 21st century success.

SFUSD Inclusive Student Recruitment Policy

The purpose of the San Francisco Unified School District is to provide each student with an equal opportunity to succeed by promoting intellectual growth, creativity, self-discipline, cultural and linguistic sensitivity, democratic responsibility, economic competence, and physical and mental health so that student can achieve his or her maximum potential. Read our complete Inclusive Student Recruitment Policy.

Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning engages educators, community organizations, business partners and labor to integrate real-world experiences into the CTE curriculum. Through work-based learning experiences, such as classroom speakers, job shadows and internships, students are able to deepen their understanding of the workplace while building a professional network.

CTE’s goal is to increase the depth and breadth of work-based learning experiences through increased partnerships.

Program Reports

Perkins Annual Reports

“It is very rewarding to help a student experience a work environment and build relationships”

—Industry Partner

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