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What Is a Major?

A major is a group of courses that focus and shape a student’s skills, development, and experiences. A major should interest and excite a student, as it will take a significant amount of their academic time and energy. Examples of majors are Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, English, etc…..

Undergraduate majors may lead to many other graduate options or various career choices, as seen with these examples:

How to Choose a Major

  1. Know Your Interests

    • A student should be gathering information about themselves, discovering their likes and interests through middle and high school by participating in job shadows, volunteer opportunities, internships, and part-time work.
    • Knowing what jobs, fields, and careers naturally fit their personality, skills and values are part of doing research.
    • Students can assess and explore their interests with inventories at and
  2. Research!

    • Get a sense of types of majors.
    • Interview family friends and neighbors about their major and career choices.
    • Find out more about what types of jobs result from studying certain majors online at and/or by using The Book of College Majors.
    • Students should research and explore colleges that have programs that align with their field of interest AND offer hands-on opportunities for experience in the field
  3. Make a Decision!

  4. Students’ decision should be based on…

    Students’ decision should NOT be based on…

    Their love of studying a certain subject.

    What friends, family, and relatives want them to do.

    Their interests.

    What their friends are doing.


    Random choice.