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Youth Become Farmers and Entrepreneurs through Schoolyard to Market Program

This Saturday, Ferry Plaza Farmers Market shoppers can get their weekly fresh produce from San Francisco high school students. ... Read more


District Lays off Employees as State Budget Crisis Continues

Last night the San Francisco Board of Education voted six to one to eliminate 152 certificated teaching and administrator positions due to anticipated state budget cuts.... Read more


Pitchers and Sprinters: Highlights for May 8-14, 2011

SF Giants pitcher Sergio Romo, former Oakland Raider player Tony Stewart, UC Berkeley Associate Head Coach Ron Gould, and USF Men's basketball coach Rex Walters will be sharing keys to success with student athletes from Washington High. ... Read more


Young Students Ready to Swing, Salsa and Cha-Cha-Cha

Fifty fourth and fifth graders from six elementary schools will be showing off their new dance skills and vying for trophies in their first dance competition “Latin Dance and A Little Swing.”... Read more


State Announces San Francisco’s API School Ranking

The state has announced that the 2010 API Base score for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is 791, a rise from 775 the previous year.... Read more


Renowned Chefs Serve up ‘Sunday Supper Sauce’ & More

Chefs from some of San Francisco’s finest restaurants and gourmet retailers will be cooking lunch for 900 students at Mission High School to celebrate the school’s big gain in its Academic Performance Index (API).... Read more


Academies and Apple Pie: Highlights for May 1-7, 2011

This year, thousands of high school seniors in San Francisco’s Academies and Pathways programs will be graduating with three very useful things in today’s economy: a head start in their college studies, relationships with business leaders, and the experience to step into a skilled job right away. ... Read more


Marbles and Movies: Highlights for April 24 - 30, 2011

As part of the Blue Marble project students and staff at Rooftop K-8 school have sent over 800 blue marbles to friends and strangers around the globe in recognition of good work they are doing for the planet. In turn they have received photos of people holding their marbles in every continent but Australia and Antarctica.... Read more


Golf & Singing: Highlights for April 17-23, 2011

300 SFUSD elementary students who are learning the game of golf and the core values it teaches will be headed to Harding Park Golf Course to practice their swings, drives and putts. ... Read more


Ruth Asawa SF School of the Arts Named 2011 California Distinguished School

Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts (SOTA) has been selected as a 2011 California Distinguished School.... Read more

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