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SFUSD Opens First Redesigned Student-Centered Dining Space

Press release

October 22, 2014 (San Francisco) - The first redesigned dining space, modeled after the key design concepts in San Francisco Unified School District’s (SFUSD) Future Dining Experience project, opened this week at Roosevelt Middle School. The student-centered design is part of SFUSD’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that students are properly nourished and prepared to learn.

The new space, constructed as part of the SFUSD bond program renovations at Roosevelt, includes more dining areas and convenient options for picking up meals, thereby eliminating long cafeteria lines and increasing student choice.

“We are thrilled to open the new Roosevelt cafeteria and share our vision for the future of SFUSD dining district-wide,” said Superintendent Richard A. Carranza. “I am adamant that we promote good eating habits and provide high quality, nutritious and appealing food to our diverse student population.”

SFUSD and the design firm IDEO worked together to reimagine and improve the school food experience for students to address several challenges affecting school meals, including low participation from students. The Future Dining Experience project began in 2013 with more than 1,300 students, parents, district staff, and community members taking part in the research and development phase, which resulted in the project’s vision and plan.

Now that the new cafeteria has opened at Roosevelt Middle School, students are eating in a setting with interactive wall graphics, new furniture, which includes dining tables with various seating configurations, and a lounge area. They are choosing from multiple new ways to pick up their meal, including a custom-designed grab-and-go mobile cart.

Students will continue to have a choice of entrées and a vegetarian option. They will see the day’s menu, as well as nutrition, food and environmental education messages, on TV monitors.

Research shows that healthy school meals help prevent both childhood hunger and obesity and that a dining experience that is more inviting to students can increase the number of students eating healthy school meals.

Roosevelt Middle School is the first of many schools that will benefit from the project. Next in line for a dining space redesign is the new Willie Brown Jr. Middle School in the Bayview neighborhood, which opens in summer 2015. Plans are also underway for improvements to Thurgood Marshall High School. 

Additional funds are being pursued to allow for dining enhancements at elementary, middle and high schools throughout the district.

SFUSD's Future Dining Experience project is funded by a grant from the Sara and Evan Williams Foundation and is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives.

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