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MEDIA ADVISORY: Galileo Health Academy students demonstrate EMT skills for SF Fire Department firefighters/paramedics

Press release


Galileo Academy of Science and Technology Health Academy students in the Pre EMT class will be tested by San Francisco Fire Department firefighters/paramedics on their ability to perform the six patient assessments they have learned.


Friday, May 25 / 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Galileo Academy of Science and Technology / 1150 Francisco St.

Media, please RSVP to Laura Dudnick at


Having students be tested by actual firefighters/paramedics integrates their learning in school with real-world opportunities, thereby increasing student motivation and achievement. In this class, students study basic prehospital emergency care, how to assess a scene for safety, how to deliver a baby and other emergency responses including O2 therapy; how to protect a spine and neck from further damage; treatment for shock, burns, heart attack, stroke and bleeding control; and CPR with Automated External Defibrillator.


San Francisco Fire Department firefighters/paramedics will test students on a variety of prehospital emergencies within the protocol of an EMT, including: scene size-up, initial assessment, focused history, focused physical examination/rapid assessment, detailed physical examination and ongoing assessment. Students will also work with firefighters/paramedics to gain mastery of splinting and bandaging. Bandages, backboards, C collars and splints are among the items that students will use during their testing.

About Galileo Health Academy

The Galileo Health Academy (GHA) is a program designed to teach students science and to explore careers in the health field through hands-on education and cross-curricular assignments. GHA places students in an applied and engaging learning environment, which often improves academic performance and behaviors at school. The GHA is an ongoing collaboration between science teachers and English teachers at Galileo Academy, the SFUSD Office of College and Career Readiness, City College of San Francisco, California Pacific Medical Center and the American Heart Association.


Page updated on 05/24/18