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Media Coverage

Check out a sample of what the media is saying about our students and the work we do in the District. These stories were originally published in newspapers, online, and/or broadcast by television and radio.

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"Once-in-a-Career Kid" Lands "BBB" Scholarship

Bernadette Fay | San Francisco Chronicle
"I literally was dancing for my life," Darius Drooh, 19, says of competing in "Beach Blanket Babylon's" scholarship contest earlier this summer. "I was, like, working so hard and praying to God: 'Please give me the scholarship - you know I need this scholarship.' "... Read more


Safe Routes to School: A Healthy Path to Classes

Kit Hodge | San Francisco Chronicle
Jason Serafino-Agar's job is to help children in San Francisco bicycle to school. "While 7 out of 10 adults in the city ride bicycles, our students are really lagging behind in San Francisco and around the country," says Serafino-Agar, the Safe Routes to School coordinator for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. "And yet it's clear from events like Bike to School Day, Sunday Streets and the growing number of bicycles parked at playgrounds that families want to bike more."... Read more


Exit Exam Results Show Dramatic Improvement

Lyanne Melendez | ABC 7 News
More California students are passing the exit exam than ever before. The results are out and for the first time all major ethnic and racial groups are in the 90 percent range. ABC7 takes a look at why the numbers are up, in spite of recent budget cuts. Nearly 95 percent of students from the class of 2011 passed the California exit exam.... Read more


San Francisco Schools Work with Kids to Cut Suspensions, Expulsions

Amy Crawford | San Francisco Examiner
When a student at Civic Center Secondary School swore at a teacher, made threats and punched walls last year, faculty members wanted him gone.... Read more


Achievement Gap Closing in San Francisco Schools

Andrea Koskey | San Francisco Examiner
At George Washington High School, Principal Ericka Lovrin and her staff made it a point to focus on minority and historically underachieving students to improve testing and comprehension during the 2010-11 school year.... Read more


John Muir Elementary in SF Shows Progress

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
A year ago, Christopher Rosenberg was given his marching orders: fix John Muir Elementary, one of California's worst schools. He would have three years and about $5 million in federal funding to complete the job. ... Read more


SF Schools Scramble to Ready Buildings for Class

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
The sound of power saws and hammers filled the cluttered hallways of San Francisco's Cobb Elementary School this week. Wires hung from ceilings, wet paint signs flapped off doorways, and unattended ladders were stationed where ceiling tiles and window trim were missing.... Read more


SF Schools' Technology Finally Gets up to Speed

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
When Erik Heinrich left the Pacific Stock Exchange three years ago to take a job overseeing technology in the San Francisco school district, he thought people were joking when they described Internet capability in city classrooms.... Read more


Young at Art

Terence Clark | San Francisco Chronicle
With all the discussion in Washington D.C., Sacramento and elsewhere about education budgets and what the role of public education should be, there is usually little in the debate about the arts. They are the lost child of spending cuts.... Read more


How Wellness Centers Help Troubled SF Teens

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
As a dyslexic, African American male growing up in San Francisco's notorious Hunters Point neighborhood, the odds were far greater that Evander Williams would drop out, die or go to jail than graduate high school.... Read more

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