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Media Coverage

Check out a sample of what the media is saying about our students and the work we do in the District. These stories were originally published in newspapers, online, and/or broadcast by television and radio.

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Graduation a Hard-Won Success for Continuation-School Students

Trey Bundy | Bay Citizen
On Monday, with graduation season in full swing, 18-year-old Olivier Grandvoinet put on a cap and gown and gave a speech on behalf of his class in front of 250 people at San Francisco’s City Hall. He thanked his family, his teachers, his principal — and his probation officer.... Read more


SFUSD Holds "Frisco Day"

Lyanne Melendez | ABC 7 News
Almost every high school senior in San Francisco went to college on Friday. The school district has set an ambitious goal of enrolling every one of them in college next year. It's not where they'll end up, it's the getting in part they are pushing. ... Read more


Principals' Center Collective a Model of Success

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
On any given day, about 40 students from across San Francisco file into run-down portable classrooms scattered across a flood-prone asphalt yard. The school, attended by kids sent there under a judge's order, is dilapidated, but the education offered inside is shiny and new. It offers some of the city's most at-risk students a real shot at college or a career.... Read more


Japan Quake: Bay Area Schools Raise Funds

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
First-grader Rosalie Tang set $50 on a table in the Francis Scott Key Elementary cafeteria Wednesday and smiled. The 6-year-old knew the money she brought in would buy shelter and food for Japanese strangers 5,000 miles away - and for each dollar donated, a paper origami crane would hang in the entryway of her San Francisco school. ... Read more


From Time-Out to Quiet Time: Meditation Comes to SF Schools

Natalie Jones | KALW
Innovative ideas are often born in California. This is the home of Silicon Valley, after all. But, that spirit of innovation isn’t limited to finding more ways to plug in to the world of high tech. Innovation also means finding ways to disconnect from it all. This kind of innovation is taking place in three San Francisco public schools that have started school-wide meditation programs. The hope is that a little quiet time and mindfulness will help facilitate learning.... Read more


Why I Love My SF Public School

Amy Graff | San Francisco Chronicle
This morning the Chronicle ran a story reporting that San Francisco schools are facing a $113 million budget shortfall over the next two years — a staggering figure that would mean layoffs, cuts to popular programs like summer school and increases in class size.... Read more

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