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Media Coverage

Check out a sample of what the media is saying about our students and the work we do in the District. These stories were originally published in newspapers, online, and/or broadcast by television and radio.


San Francisco elementary students knit scarves for homeless

Joe Rosato Jr. | NBC Bay Area
The chaotic din of elementary school kids playing on a playground at recess resounded across San Francisco’s John Muir Elementary — frenetic screams and whoops peppered with the whack of a basketball thumping asphalt. But up the concrete stairs in Joe Mannarino’s 4th floor classroom, the scene was decidedly more tranquil as a dozen students sat in ring — quietly knitting. ... Read more


Ida B. Wells' long table dinner

Peanut noodles are really popular with the guests. Joanna who's a senior at Ida B. Wells and her classmates in the Heat of the Kitchen program prepared and carried plate after plate course after course up the stairs in their Alamo Square building. ... Read more


National Day of Unplugging

The Academy SF at McAteer got a jump start on the National Day of Unplugging with a freshmen class retreat full of team building exercise. But Principal Markwith says unplugging is a year-long school-wide effort.... Read more


San Francisco students, teachers rally to end 'r' word at city hall

Lyanne Melendez | ABC 7
It's one of the hottest issues on social media today -- the discussion of ending the use of the "R" word. In San Francisco Wednesday, a group of students in special education rallied at city hall to explain why it's not okay to use it. ... Read more


SF advocates for people with disabilities to rally against 'R-word'

Michael Barba | SF Examiner
Advocates for people with disabilities in San Francisco are scheduled to rally Wednesday against the continued use of the "R-word," according to the San Francisco Unified School District. Former state Sen. Mark Leno and Board of Education member Rachel Norton will join Access SFUSD, a program for older students with disabilities, at City Hall around 10 a.m., according to the district. ... Read more


Science sparks excitement for middle school investigators

John King | SF Gate
Anyone who thinks of science as a narrow, arid realm had their hypothesis disproved on Saturday morning at the San Francisco Zoo. That’s where a morning-long event honored the 171 winners of middle school science fairs in San Francisco. The students represented 24 schools in the city, public and private. The range of topics ranged even wider—from the likes and dislikes of twins to the effect of cigarette butts on ocean acidification or whether people of different ages respond differently to shocks and if video games affect depth perception. ... Read more


San Francisco's Rooftop School uses art to engage students

Art is the focal point in Rooftop’s Pre-K to 8th grade classrooms, being used as way to engage students into the learning process. “Artwork gives them the freedom to express themselves which is really wonderful while maybe academically they are having a little problem,” said first grade teacher Joyce Woo. “Through their art, they can really access any kind of work that we are doing.” ... Read more


Why group work could be the key to English learner success

Katrina Schwartz | KQED
“It is easy for English learners to become marginalized or for their needs not to be taken into account,” said SFIHS principal Julie Kessler. “We have the luxury of having designed our entire program around the needs of this group that is often forgotten about or underserved in schools where multiple priorities exist.” ... Read more


How to pay off Bay Area kids' student lunch debt

Joe Kukura | SF Weekly
One little tweet last December went viral and set off random acts of kindness nationwide. Brooklyn writer Ashley C. Ford tweeted, “A cool thing you can do today is try to find out which of your local schools have kids with overdue lunch accounts and pay them off.” That post was retweeted more than 10,000 times, was covered on the Today show, and raised more than $100,000 in donations for kids’ lunches. ... Read more


In unusual school club, SF kids knit scarves for the homeless

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
It was a cold November day and San Francisco fifth-grader Mariah Bess was riding the bus home from school, past homeless people on the street. She was just learning how to knit and had an idea. “She said, ‘I want to knit scarves for homeless people, can I start a knitting club?’” recalled her John Muir Elementary School teacher, Joe Mannarino. ... Read more

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