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2011 Media Coverage Archive


Keeping Music Education Alive Despite Budget Cuts

Ana Tintocalis | California Report
Schoolchildren across California have been performing holiday concerts this month. Given all the budget cuts to education, it might be surprising that arts and music programs still exist, but they do. At one San Francisco high school, a financial commitment voters made to the arts is paying off.... Read more


Shop Class Retooled for Future at O'Connell High

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco school officials are to unveil a $1.1 million barn-like industrial space on the John O'Connell High School campus today, a mark of the district's revitalized effort to bring back old-school shop classes with 21st century twists.... Read more


On Land and in the Bay, Innovation Tackles Truancy

Trey Bundy | New York Times
On Monday morning, the start of the school week, five teenagers rowed toward the breakwater leading into San Francisco Bay. Ed Cavanaugh, center, leads the boating program. “It’s so foggy you can’t even see the Golden Gate Bridge,” said Austin, a 17-year-old student at Downtown High School in Potrero Hill, as he worked the oars. When the students passed an old sailboat, their instructor, Jeff Rogers, told them it was built 120 years ago in Hunters Point.... Read more


UCSF Intern Program Wins Presidential Award for Mentoring Youth in Science

Kevin Eisenmann | UCSF
President Obama has named the Science & Health Education Partnership (SEP) High School Internship Program at UCSF as one of the 2011 recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring, the White House announced Nov. 15.... Read more


A Hands-On Summer: San Francisco School District Interns Get to Work

Richard Bermack | SF Building & Construction Trade Council
Now in its third year, the San Francisco Unified School District summer intern program is hitting its stride. “Our placements are really starting to gel and become solid,” said Gus Amador, the program instructor and field supervisor. “We’ve learned from our past years, and the placements this year were of much more value to the interns, the contractors and the union.”... Read more


A Place at School Where Students Can Unload Stress and Worry

Trey Bundy | New York Times
Last week about 20 students sat in Room 466 at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, writing down all the ways that people abuse one another. Rapes and beatings topped the lists. One boy asked, “What if you just have someone tell you you’re not going to get far in life?”... Read more


Santana Returns to Alma Mater, Guitar Blazing

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana walked through the entrance to San Francisco's Mission High School on Monday morning, ready to play his guitar and celebrate the school he attended decades ago for its recent successes.... Read more


SF Schools Gear Up for Tough Graduation Standards

Jill Tucker | San Francisco Chronicle
The pressure is on San Francisco's current crop of high school sophomores, who have less than three years now to pass a rigorous curriculum required for admission by the University of California and California State University.... Read more


San Francisco: The Healthiest City for Families in 2011

Karen Cicero | Parents Magazine
As featured in Parents Magazine annual Smart Places to Settle Down list, SF made the top spot, thanks in part to some healthy steps taken by SFUSD.... Read more


SF Students Get Free Dental Care on Campus

Patrick Sedillo | CBS 5KPIX
At Burton High School in San Francisco, students who are unwilling or unable to visit a dentist's office can now get free dental checkups on campus. ... Read more

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