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2015 Media Coverage Archive


Schools recognized for Chinese contributions

Laura Dudnick | SF Examiner
Three San Francisco Unified School District schools in Chinatown will receive plaques early next year to celebrate Chinese contributions to San Francisco and education.... Read more


Mission High student with autism embraces rock star status on campus

Laura Dudnick | SF Examiner
In the midst of the typical lunchtime chaos in the Mission High School cafeteria, a group of students gather each week at a table near the entrance to sing and dance like no one’s watching. But people do watch — and often chime in — when the Best Buddies Club bursts into song. The club, comprised of around 15 students both with and without special needs, provides some of the most heartfelt and profound moments for students navigating the tricky path of high school.... Read more


This American Life highlights SF after-school program that put on a children's musical about gentrification

Jay Barmann | SFist
It's a program that was developed two decades ago at the Rooftop Alternative School, a K-8 public school in the Twin Peaks neighborhood which itself has a social justice and arts bent. As Rooftop parent Meesha Halm tells SFist, CASA came about in part because of how early the school lets out. "It's basically a place where kids can go after school to play, finish their homework, and do art," she explains. ... Read more


Traffic guru creates drop-off strategy

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez | SF Examiner
Every morning, hundreds of parents drop their kids off at any of SFUSD’s elementary schools. It’s Algaheim’s job to help make that less of a headache for schools. His traffic plans for schools are designed to prevent the double-parkers from ever materializing, so parking control officers are rarely needed. ... Read more


A San Francisco high school’s LGBTQ studies class makes history

Lezak Shallat | KALW
This year, teens at San Francisco Unified School District’s School of the Arts walked into a brand-new kind of class: the district’s first-ever LGBTQ studies class for high school students. Lyndsey Schlax, the teacher in room 204, starts today’s class by saying, “We're going to start talking about trans – not just transgender, but the big umbrella.”... Read more


100 middle school boys attend leadership summit at AT&T Park

Tiffany Wilson | ABC 7
About 100 San Francisco middle school boys are being inspired on Tuesday by some of the Bay Area's best and brightest, discussing science, technology, engineering and math. These men came from all around the Bay Area, hoping to inspire students from an underserved school and give them the support they need to be successful.... Read more


SF students learn cooking and history all in one lesson

Laura Dudnick | San Francisco Examiner
In the four years since he quit the full-time restaurant business to become a high school teacher, Scherotter has helped to redefine the way students in San Francisco are taught social studies: by aligning cooking with history lessons and entrepreneurship. The class meets five days a week and is co-taught with a social studies teacher. Students spend 25 percent of that time in a restaurant-quality kitchen adjoined to a regular classroom.... Read more


San Francisco schools use Halloween as teaching tool

Lyanne Melendez | ABC 7 News
Some schools in San Francisco managed to make Halloween a teaching tool. Students were asked to turn their costumes into a history or English lesson. Kids at Argonne Elementary in San Francisco dressed up as idioms, the expressions that can't and should not be taken literally.... Read more


S.F. teachers get help living in city under ambitious plan

Emily Green & Heather Knight | SF Gate
Mayor Ed Lee and the San Francisco Unified School District announced Wednesday they plan to build a 100-unit housing complex solely for public school teachers and paraprofessionals, and invest up to $44 million over the next five years to help them purchase homes. ... Read more


Sailing program expands for SF’s fourth grade students

Laura Dudnick | San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco Unified School District’s fourth grade students are literally sailing their way to the head of the class. The Set Sail Learn program at Treasure Island Sailing Center has hosted dozens of field trips for fourth grade students in The City and now plans to expand thanks to a $120,000 grant from the St. Francis Sailing Foundation provided this fall.... Read more

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