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2017 Media Coverage Archive


Using evidence to improve ethnic studies curriculum for San Francisco students

When San Francisco Unified School District's commissioners passed a resolution to pilot an ethnic studies course in a select group of five high schools, it stated that "a growing body of academic research shows the importance of culturally meaningful and relevant curriculum. "We already knew that the resolution was on the right track when it said that the course itself would "help close the achievement gap, reduce dropout rates, and increase graduation rates."... Read more


Can ethnic studies courses help students succeed in school? Evidence from San Francisco

Decades of highly influential, qualitative scholarship have examined how culturally relevant pedagogy (CRP) and curricula can unlock the academic potential of historically underserved students. This research stresses the importance of aligning classroom content to students' out-of-school experiences, affirming students' cultural competencies and developing their social and political awareness. However, until recently, there has been relatively little quantitative evidence on the educational impact of culturally relevant practices.... Read more


New kitchens are coming to SFUSD

New kitchens are coming to some San Francisco Unified Schools, where food can be made from scratch. Currently no schools in the district can do that. The Examiner reports that the district has approved five to six school kitchens for upgrades. They'll serve as "regional hubs" for all schools.... Read more


SFUSD cooks up new meal plans for students

Audrey Garces | San Francisco Examiner
Five to six kitchens will be updated to serve as regional hubs for SFUSD meals, funded by $20 million from the approval of the district’s $744 million Proposition A bond last November. Currently, no schools in the district have a kitchen where they can cook from scratch, as many of them are outdated or worn-down.... Read more


Here's how 10 San Francisco high schools performed on the AP exams

Drew Costley | SF Gate
San Francisco's Lowell High School had the highest number of passing scores on the Advanced Placement exams in 2015-16 and the highest percentage of students who took AP exams out of all schools in the San Francisco Unified School District, according to new data from the California Department of Education.... Read more


New Mission Bay public school to be launched within five years

Jessica Zimmer | The Potrero View
Last spring, the seven San Francisco Unified School Board members unanimously approved a resolution to direct newly appointed San Francisco Unified School District superintendent Vincent Matthew to begin planning a school in Mission Bay. The institution – kindergarten through fifth, sixth, or eighth grades – is expected to be completed by 2023. ... Read more


S.F. schools initiate more support for kids whose parents are in jail

Matt Haney | SF Chronicle
Nationwide, some 2.7 million children have an incarcerated parent; including 1 out of every 9 black children. According to a city of San Francisco estimate, 17,993 children in San Francisco had a parent who was incarcerated over the prior year. Most of these children are enrolled in San Francisco public schools. ... Read more


What’s in a name: Potrero Hill’s parks and schools

Jessica Zimmer | The Potrero View
Enola D. Maxwell, which used to be the name of a middle school campus, continues as the moniker of the 655 De Haro Street San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) facility. The site most recently was home to a comprehensive high school, International Studies Academy, which closed in 2016 due to low enrollment. SFUSD now uses the first floor of the Maxwell building for its Department of Technology, with San Francisco International High School relocating to the location this month. ... Read more


Looking at education with Carol Kocivar

Debi Kennedy | KALW
"Mentoring for Success" matches San Francisco students with mentors to help build skills for academic and social emotional success. Joining Carol are Laurie Vargas and Kim Levine, who talk about how they work to support students.... Read more


New superintendent details his first days in SF public schools

Michael Barba | SF Examiner
On a recent Wednesday, the new superintendent of San Francisco’s public schools raised a clear cylinder into the air for the entire room to see. “This is Galileo High School,” Vincent Matthews said in his deep voice, placing three pieces of fabric inside like students entering campus. He then stacked a pair of tubes over the cylinder: one representing community, the other educators.... Read more

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