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What Is Love?


In the weeks before Valentine’s Day, 2nd and 3rd grade students at Junipero Serra Elementary explored the idea of love, and what love really means to them. What resulted was an outpouring of pictures, poems and lots of heartfelt words. Here are a few of the student’s many thoughts:

Collage of student drawings and notes

“Love is Kind.” —Kevin

“Love is when my dad helps me clean my room. Love is when my gramma makes me my favorite dish. Love is when people care about me. Love comes of my heart.” —Jajaira

“Love is when my stepdad takes me hiking. Love is when my uncle teaches me to draw. Love is when I play with my cousin.” —Giovanna

“Love is when you feel a spark in your mind. Love is when you feel an emotion in your heart. Love is my dad makes me pizza.” —Gabe

“Love is when someone helps you. Love is when my mom and dad make me plantanitos for dinner.” —Angie

“Love is one of the best feelings in the world. Love is when someone is here for you. Love is a beautiful story.” —Daniela

“Someone can show you love by giving you clothes, shoes and water. They can show you love by surprising you. They can also show you love by helping you with a situation.” —Samantha

“Love is when my mom cooks my favorite food. Love is when my dad is by my side.” —Jessie