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Celebrating students ready for the 21st century

This year’s annual Superintendent’s 21st Century Award ceremony at the Google San Francisco offices on April 18 honored six graduating seniors who exemplify characteristics of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Graduate Profile.... Read more


Kicking off Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month with the 4th Annual VASA High School Conference

The room of students and staff fell silent as a woman singing a Samoan Ava entered the room. Soon after, young Samoan and Tongan men dressed in traditional garb engaged in a Hawaiian chant to set the tone of the event and welcome attendees.... Read more


Award-winning journalist visits namesake school

On a recent visit to San Francisco, award-winning journalist Dr. William Jelani Cobb drove past Dr. William L. Cobb Elementary School and noticed the identical names.... Read more


Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

SFUSD students, families and staff have joined millions of people around the world to foster a culture of sustainability. As part of this ongoing effort, the Sustainability Office developed five key Sustainability Goals to provide our students and staff with a healthy, safe and comfortable learning environment while saving money and resources and protecting the natural world.... Read more


High school soccer teams dominate season, win championships

The 2018-2019 school year has been full of significant wins for athletic teams across the district, especially the girls’ soccer team at Lowell High School and boys’ soccer team at Mission High School. Both teams faced competitive opponents in their respective divisions and came out on top.... Read more


SFUSD Student Leader: Kamiah Brown

Standing among San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews, San Francisco Mayor London Breed and California Congresswoman Maxine Waters at a recent event honoring student leaders, Kamiah Brown was determined to join their ranks one day.... Read more


Sunnyside celebrates social justice, kindness

Carrying signs reading, “I dream of a world where people are not judged,” “I dream of a world where everyone is kind,” and “Treat everyone equally,” students at Sunnyside Elementary School marched around the campus’ yard with their teachers and parents in the school’s first ever Social Justice and Kindness March.... Read more


Superintendent's secretary retires after 34 years with SFUSD

After 34 years, Judy O’Keefe, the Receptionist/Secretary in the Superintendent’s Office, is retiring. We sat down to learn more about Judy’s dedicated career of service to students and families within San Francisco public schools.... Read more


Students learn worldwide impact of climate change from Pulitzer Crisis reporting staff

Pulitzer Center grantees Nathaniel Rich and George Steinmetz discussed their publication "Losing Earth," the epic climate change story that took over an entire issue of The New York Times Magazine, at Lincoln High School.... Read more


SFUSD students, families hit the books together in summer reading program

Visitacion Valley Elementary School incoming first grader Assassin is only required to read for 15 minutes at home every day, but she usually spends much more time in her own personal library at night.... Read more