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Using Text Messaging to Improve Early Literacy

We know early education is important and that parents play an invaluable role in teaching language skills to their children. But given busy schedules and multiple demands to juggle, it can be difficult for parents to make the time. ... Read more


Superintendent Richard A. Carranza Recognized as 2015 Leader to Learn From

Superintendent Richard A. Carranza was selected as one of 16 of Education Week’s 2015 “Leaders to Learn From” out of hundreds of school district leaders nominated by Education Week readers, staff reporters and other education writers. ... Read more


An Empire of Dreams

Vision 2025 is our dream of what education in San Francisco will look like ten years from now, and that vision centers on our students graduating with their own dreams and the abilities to achieve them. As such, it’s only fitting that we’ve teamed up with The Future Project, an organization dedicated to uncovering the dreams of our young people and working with them to transform those dreams into reality.... Read more


The ABCs of Elementary Reading and Writing in a Digital Age

A year ago, Tyler was struggling with his school work. A first grader at Frank McCoppin Elementary School in San Francisco, he had only been living in the U.S. for two years. He had limited English mastery and found his school work challenging. ... Read more


A Look at the New Willie Brown Middle School

Willie L. Brown, Jr. Middle School is opening its doors in August 2015, but enrollment for the new school has already started. Its future class of 650 students will engage, explore and excel at the school’s state-of-the-art science laboratory, digital media lab and maker space, which are located on a new campus twice the size of the old one. ... Read more


High School Students Speak Up About Life Online

On Friday, Nov. 7, a panel of high school students took on many issues related to spending time online, including cyber-bullying. They openly discussed what it's like being a teen online these days and provided their peers and SFUSD staff with insight regarding what they encounter online. ... Read more


Building the Digital District

Building the Digital District is our five-year technology plan and a glimpse of what our future classrooms will look like. We’ve taken account of everything we have -- and what we need -- to make sure all our students graduate with confidence in their technological skills and feeling prepared for college and career. ... Read more


Bilingual Instruction Benefits English Learners

In one of the first long-term, large-scale studies on bilingual education, SFUSD and Stanford collaborated to research the effectiveness of different English Learner programs to find that bilingual instruction benefits English Learners, especially in the long run. While students in programs that immerse them in English show earlier benefits, dual-language immersion program participants catch up with or even surpass their peers around middle school.... Read more


How to make back-to-school a successful one

Getting back into the school routine can be a challenge for many students. Here are some tips to make it easier.... Read more


A Year of Art with SFMOMA

Using the through line of "Artists Investigating the City," the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and Balboa High School teamed up during the 2013-14 school year to deliver a series of projects, artist visits, field trips, and interactive experiences to the juniors and seniors in Balboa’s Creative Arts for Social Transformation (CAST) Academy, about 180 students in total. The partnership activities this year focused on the premise of artists who look to their surroundings and the urban environment to create installation-based and interactive works.... Read more