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Balboa senior Lawrence Li and Galileo senior Andy Wong shake hands

Galileo and Balboa High Schools Team up to Win Robot Competition


Galileo and Balboa High Schools won the University of California in Berkeley's Pioneers in Engineering (PiE) robot competition on April 14.  

For the 2012 PiE competition, 20 teams from Bay Area high schools worked for seven weeks to build robots programmed to shoot tennis balls into two different goals. The robots were required to operate both autonomously and via remote control. Each team was paired up with mentors from either UC Berkeley or San Francisco State University, and over the seven weeks, students and mentors met weekly to build, test, and refine their robots.

Galileo and Balboa were the only SFUSD schools in the competition.

Galileo placed 5th and Balboa placed 14th in the qualifying rounds. For the final rounds, the two teams chose to join forces. Not only did the Galileo/Balboa team win the competition, Balboa was awarded the Engineering Professionalism Award, the most prestigious award in the competition, for demonstrating excellent understanding and execution of the engineering design process. The Galileo team received the Judge's Award . Nami Ghedier, one of Balboa's mentors, received an Outstanding Mentor Award.

Pioneers in Engineering

Pioneers in Engineering is a nonprofit robotics competition run by UC Berkeley engineering students. It is designed to encourage interest in engineering and robotics in local high school students by promoting an out-of-the-classroom, hands-on experience. The organization was founded by the UC Berkeley chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the oldest national engineering honor society in the country. Find out more about Pioneers in Engineering.