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2013 Spotlight Archive


Balboa Students Plan, Design, Pitch New Game with Zynga

Earlier this fall, volunteers from the online social game maker Zynga brought in 20 staff volunteers to work with Balboa High’s Academy of Information Technology students who are learning game programming with tech employees who are a part of Microsoft's TEALS program.... Read more


Chin Elementary Named a 2013 National Blue Ribbon School

John Yehall Chin Elementary School was recognized as a 2013 National Blue Ribbon School by State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, along with 12 other California public schools and two private schools.... Read more


Vision for a New Lunchroom

In spring 2013, we began a five-month collaboration with the innovation firm IDEO to rethink our school food system including the spaces, technology, operations, and dining experience. Specifically, we focused on creating a vision for a student-centered, financially-stable system that engages kids in eating good food. Over 1,300 students, parents, nutrition staff, principals, teachers, administrators, and community partners were involved in this process.... Read more


Redesigning the Classroom

Steve Mattice, a math and science teacher at Roosevelt Middle School, needed to do something about his classroom, which was too cramped for the 36 students who used it every day. Designers from The Third Teacher+ observed how Mattice and his students utilized space in the classroom, interviewed them, and then came up with ideas to make the classroom more useful for both Mattice and his students. Mattice, the students, the designers, and community members all pitched in to renovate the classroom.... Read more


Education Outside: First of Its Kind Service Corps Focusing on Experiential Environmental Education

In the last few years, complex environmental issues such as climate change, energy, water scarcity, and biodiversity have become front page news. Meanwhile, America’s science and technology sectors report they are struggling to find the educated and creative workforce needed to lead the world in innovation. ... Read more


Galileo Graduate to Receive Rising Peacemaker Award

When Galileo High senior Dominic Sanchez graduated this spring, he not only had a diploma, but a year of community service experience from the school’s Peer Resources program. Now he wants to do more.... Read more


Hillcrest Elementary Earns National Community Schools Award

Hillcrest was recently named a National Community School Award for Excellence winner by the Coalition for Community Schools. ... Read more


SFUSD Adds National Board Certified Teachers Faster than National Average

With 231 National Board Certified teachers now working in SFUSD, the district is growing the number of teachers with this distinction at a faster rate than the national average.... Read more


Balboa, Burton High Students Gather for Lunchtime Book Clubs

In a time when it seems most extracurricular teen reading habits involve text messages full of “JKs” and “LOLs,” there are in fact teens who are taking on much meatier text in their free time. ... Read more


Approaching Science & Literacy through Art

What if students approached a science lesson the same way they might approach making art, or even the other way around? ... Read more