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Two girls doing work on iPads

Building the Digital District


Building the Digital District is our five-year technology plan and a glimpse of what our future classrooms will look like.

We’ve taken account of everything we have—and what we need—to make sure all our students graduate with confidence in their technological skills and feeling prepared for college and career.

To deliver upon the vision of a world-class education, we are embracing a digital approach to education based on the best of the changing technologies around us. Our plan articulates the role technology will play as a critical enabler to our vision, building on the foresight of both our education professionals and thought leaders within our communities and across the country.

From the lunchroom to the classroom, the promise of technology to positively impact the learning and lives of our students is clear.

We created the plan in conjunction with our strategic plan and Vision 2025 to ensure that we invest in technology not just for the sake of the technology itself, but for what it will enable us and our students to achieve.

What Will the Digital District Look Like?

What will the Digital District look like over the long term? Three overarching imperatives stand out:

Three imperatives of the Digital DistrictFirst, it will completely redefine the learning experience, delivering rich digital content to students, tailored to their unique needs, abilities, and interests in a 1:1 device environment supported by the curriculum, pedagogy, and flexible spaces needed to succeed.

Second, it will develop the critical tools and systems that our educators, school leaders and central office staff need to become more effective in their work, facilitating collaboration and providing line-of-sight into the comprehensive needs of students.

And third, it will build a resilient infrastructure, ensuring that learning is “always-on” by building capacity and redundancy as we grow into a fully digital operating environment.

Teaching and Learning at the Core

We recognize that effective technology use requires effective instruction. As we continue to adapt and refine our instructional strategies to effectively deliver the Common Core State Standards, we will closely examine where technology will play a central role. To date, we have identified a set of curriculum objectives for technology, which we will continue to develop as new technologies and possibilities emerge.

Curricular Objectives


  • Pervasive technology enabling student learning
  • Teaching of data analysis and interpretation skills
  • Growth and progress tracked in real time, shared with families and students


  • Fully integrated technology and curricular support
  • Real-time collaboration between students and educators
  • Dynamic, student-driven curricula