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Three students giving a presentation

High School Students Speak Up About Life Online


Digital Citizenship Day student presentation
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On Friday, Nov. 7, a panel of high school students took on many issues related to spending time online, including cyber-bullying. They openly discussed what it's like being a teen online these days and provided their peers and SFUSD staff with insight regarding what they encounter online.

One student brought up how what she’s learned in school, reading Orwell and other classic authors, that people treating each other poorly is a centuries-old issue that this generation is still grappling with, just in the format of technology. Another student provided insight that parents really do need to understand what their children are facing in the online world and not over- or under-control it.

Furthermore, get them outside.

“If you have little kids, take them to the park, get them away from screens and all that,” said one Washington High senior. “Spend time with them.”

Another brought up young children’s need for help navigating the tech world. “I wish my parents had regulated my online postings when I was younger.”

The student panel was part of a districtwide day of learning, when all K-12 SFUSD students took part in lessons created with Common Sense Media's Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum. While giving students foundational knowledge, ethics, and skills around digital citizenship, SFUSD also stays compliant with federal regulations that allow the district to continue receiving government funds for classroom technology.