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2016 Spotlight Archive


7th graders at Willie Brown Middle School team up with mentors at top STEAM companies

Every Wednesday, seventh-graders at Willie Brown L. Middle School load charter buses headed to some of the world’s top companies like Google, Salesforce, and Adobe. At the company, each student pairs with a mentor and together they tackle a project of the student’s choice.... Read more


Volunteers brighten Cobb Elementary schoolyard for students

An army of red shirts -- with paintbrushes in hand -- descended upon Dr. William L. Cobb Elementary earlier this year. Their mission: make over the schoolyard.... Read more


SFUSD students experiment with STEM at Willie Brown Middle School event

In a classroom at Willie L. Brown Middle School, students scurried about the room with droppers in hand “exchanging fluids” in each other’s test tubes. Unknowingly, two of the students were carrying a “virus” that would infect their classmates’ fluids.... Read more


Come sit with us!

Sitting alone at a table with a big colored dot on it, a shy girl shrugged, looked around the cafeteria filling up with other students, and ate her lunch. But this was no ordinary lunchtime for Clarendon Elementary--it was “Mix it Up at Lunch” day. ... Read more


Building community engagement with neighborhood playgrounds

Supervisor Mark Farrell’s fondest memories of growing up in San Francisco always come back to playing ball with his friends and neighbors on the colorful yards of his local school. Years later, balancing one son on his hip, the other holding his hand and his daughter pushing ahead, Farrell tried to enter his local schoolyard, Roosevelt Middle School. This time, a heavy lock barred them from the schoolyard. The hopscotch chalk marks, the painted four-square lines and the winding slides were left untouched while the Farrells walked back home. ... Read more


Hey kids, let's have breakfast!

For a lot of kids, breakfast is a challenge -- rushed morning routines, lack of enough food at home, or just not being hungry for an early-morning meal -- and that challenge can add up to a lot of hungry kids at school. SFUSD’s nutrition services has been tackling this issue for several years and is now getting breakfast to 37,000 students a day, free of charge, and delivering it to them in the way that works best for the students. ... Read more


Willie Brown Middle School teacher motivating students through sports, health class

Aumornai Edinburgh knew she wanted to be a teacher since the second grade. This year, Edinburgh started her second year teaching at Willie L. Brown Middle School, where she’s piloting a 12-week, rotating health class for all sixth- and seventh grade students. She’s also the school’s athletic director, and coaches the girl’s basketball team.... Read more


SFUSD eighth-grade students outperforming peers in math

A new report from SRI Education on SFUSD’s Science, Technology, Engineer and Math (STEM) Learning Initiative shows that SFUSD’s eighth-grade students are ahead of peers in other school districts when it comes to math performance. ... Read more


Introducing Nature to 9th-Grade Students at Camp Mather

As the school year ended, the freshmen class at John O'Connell High School nervously anticipated the annual, ninth-grade trip to Camp Mather. Most of the students had never been to the city-owned camp in Yosemite National Park near the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.... Read more


Cobb Elementary, SFUSD schools celebrate students completing transitional grades

During the final week of school at SFUSD, students at Cobb Elementary participated in several end of the year ceremonies to congratulate them on transitioning from pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and fifth grade. Across SFUSD, many schools held promotion ceremonies to congratulate students on transitioning to the next grade or moving to a new school.... Read more