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Random numbers and a line chart

Telling the story behind the numbers


Data can be intimidating - which is why parents and community members met with SFUSD staff on Jan. 27 at the Telling the Story Behind the Numbers: Making Sense of District Data event.

“If we can demystify [the data], there’s a story. It’s telling us something. It gives us an idea of what’s going on,” said Georgia Williams-Bratt, coordinator of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). She and other representatives from the PAC helped organize the event.

More than 60 participants reviewed district-level data and SFUSD’s progress toward goals in its Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The LCAP is where SFUSD identifies its annual priorities for student success and how to measure its progress toward those goals. The plan is revised every year with input from families, students and community members.

The data will help inform school and district planning for the 2016-17 school year.

Understanding the data helps parents, the community and SFUSD staff foster student success, said Williams-Bratt. It also increases transparency and accountability for local funding, helping parents and other stakeholders better understand funding allocations, she said.

Participants looked at data on topics such as student achievement, English learner reclassification, family engagement, and disproportionate suspensions, then discussed how the data could impact their school-site planning and budget process.

The event included data on the following areas:

  • Student achievement
  • High school students
  • SFUSD foster youth
  • English learners
  • School climate and addressing disproportionality among students
  • Family engagement

Download the presentation (Español | 中文) and agenda (Español | 中文) for an overview.

Telling the Story Behind the Numbers was hosted by the LCAP Task Force, which consists of representatives from SFUSD, the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), the Student Advisory Council (SAC), the District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC), United Educators of San Francisco (UESF), Support for Families of Children with Disabilities, Mission Graduates, Parents for Public Schools, Chinese for Affirmative Action, and the Second District Parent Teacher Association.