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Photos of the six featured students

Outstanding graduates of 2017


When we created Vision 2025: Reimagining Public Education for a New Generation, we worked with the community to construct a graduate profile—the knowledge and skills our students need to succeed in the future. Meet a few members of the Class of 2017 who exemplify traits in our graduate profile.

Amina Aineb

Ready to be my best

Amina Aineb
When I was in third grade, I was painfully shy, so I started writing down stories to express myself. It wasn’t long before I realized that the characters were just like me except for one thing—they were courageous. When I got to high school, I was thrilled to find herself in a close-knit class of writers. There was one problem though: part of my grade was to get up on stage and perform my written pieces. I was terrified, but I did it. And now I am good at it.

Once I graduate from the Asawa School of the Arts, I’m headed for Evergreen College. I want to become both a published writer and a psychologist."

Fela Adewusi

Ready for career and life

Fela Asewasi
When I started at Starbucks, I focused on all the things I could buy with my paycheck. Within a year, though, I became aware of things like cost overruns and started talking to customers to learn how they manage their finances. Now I plan to become a store manager by 18.

I’m graduating from Galileo High and will attend UC Riverside this fall, with my eyes set on a career as an anesthesiologist or nurse."

Mishal Durrani

Ready to tackle a changing world

Mishal Durrani
Seeking knowledge and education is engraved in my heart. But it’s not been easy as a new immigrant and a Muslim. When we moved to San Francisco, my family lived in pesticide-ridden housing. I became motivated to get an internship with the Department of Public Health. For months, I took calls from San Francisco citizens with health issues related to poor living conditions. I made sure the right people at DPH got the information and was happy to see many problems get resolved.

I’m graduating from SF International High then headed to UC Berkeley where I plan to earn a degree in biology and build a career in research."

Victor Qiu

Ready to think, learn and grow

Victor Qiu
I dive into the heart of Chinese civilization in my Chinese school studies. Exploring both Chinese and American history has whetted my appetite to understand the cause and effect of civilizations and the structures they create.

I will graduate from Lowell High, and then I’m headed to the University of Southern California. I want a career that includes being a constitutional lawyer, a politician and a diplomat."

Nikki Whittaker

Ready to create

Nikki Whittaker
My family was displaced from their home in the Mission. While we found programs that provided assistance, I wanted to bring my new neighbors into the conversation so I co-founded a program called 'Transformative Technology' to bring people from both sides of gentrification to find solutions together.

I am graduating from June Jordan School for Equity and headed to UCLA. I want to become a UN ambassador or immigration lawyer."

Yinia Yanez

Ready to lead

Yinia Yanez
I lost a friend when Amilcar Perez-Lopez was misidentified as someone stealing a bike and was shot six times in the back by police. For me, it was a call to action. I joined several other teens across the city to conduct research and bring citizens and law enforcement together to talk about community safety and police accountability.

I will graduate from Mission High this week. After I earn my degree at the University of San Francisco, I want to teach at SFUSD."