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Photos of the six featured students

Outstanding graduates of 2018


When we created Vision 2025: Reimagining Public Education for a New Generation, we worked with the community to construct a graduate profile—the knowledge and skills our students need to succeed in the future. Meet a few members of the Class of 2018 who exemplify traits in our graduate profile.

Nayla Belayadi

Ready for career and life

Nayla will be graduating from the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology.

Early Saturday mornings, most teenagers are asleep in their beds, but I’m wide awake surrounded by 4-year-olds at an Islamic Saturday school. Even though I was intimidated when I began, my choice to teach has become one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and my mentors from the San Francisco Unified School District have been the biggest influence on my career decision."

Melina Diaz

Ready to create

Melina will be graduating from the Abraham Lincoln High School.

My passion is to combine graphic design and psychology. Therefore, I’ve made it my goal to research color theory and typography to gain insight on how they are used to persuade in marketing. I’m grateful for the participation I’ve had in Digital Media Design Academy, because without it, I wouldn’t have access to all these amazing opportunities."

Toddiana Jasper

Ready to be your best

Toddiana will be graduating from Lowell High School.

I never saw college as a reality because I knew my parents didn’t have the money to make it real. But what I had failed to see, others had never failed to see in me. Now, because others have cared for me, because others have believed in me, because others have taught me, because others have challenged me, because others have supported me, I am on the threshold of college and refuse to turn back."

Jason Ng

Ready to tackle a changing world

Jason will be graduating from the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology.

Through my involvement in the Student Advisory Council, I was introduced to the SFUSD Legal Department. Together, we hammered out all the specific details that would enable SFUSD schools to legally use drones for educational purposes."

Marvin Pusung Zita

Ready to lead

Marvin will be graduating from Mission High School.

As the captain of Mission High School’s varsity football team for two years, my leadership ability has translated both on and off of the playing field. Under the leadership of my fellow captains and I, we dropped to a single knee during the playing of the National Anthem, in protest to the injustices we witnessed in our own city. At school, I’ve coordinated and led multiple workshops to underclassmen with the intent to educate my peers on sexual harassment."

Alya Truong

Ready to think, learn and grow

Alya will be graduating from Balboa High School.

Taking responsibility to be my mom’s caretaker made me realize that if I could overcome an obstacle as strenuous as this, that I am more than capable of overcoming the curve balls that life is likely to throw at me and rise to my potential. That is the person I’ve become, one dedicated to work, one who strives to make the best out of any situation."