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Superintendent's secretary retires after 34 years with SFUSD

Superintendent's secretary retires after 34 years with SFUSD


Hi Judy, tell our readers a little about your background. How did you begin your career at SFUSD, and how did you end up in the Superintendent’s Office?

I first started with SFUSD as a volunteer and member of the PTA at Fairmount Elementary School [now Dolores Huerta Elementary] where my daughter was enrolled in kindergarten. Sometime after, I was offered the opportunity to work as Noontime Supervisor working two hours a day before moving on as a Paraeducator. One day, there was an opening to be secretary for a resource teacher. I was very interested but needed to take a civil service test. I applied for the test, took it...and failed. I really wanted the position and thought to myself, “How am I going to get this position?” So, I signed up for a typing class at City College and after 3-4 months, I retook the test and I passed! I applied again and was offered the job. Later, an opening was posted for school secretary. I stayed in that position for 15 years. It was very challenging but I loved being in an environment with children. I felt that I grew with my clerical skills and addressing family needs. I absorbed as much as I could to learn that position.

I excelled from being a school secretary at a school site to moving on to the District administrative office when the principal at the site moved on to become an Assistant Superintendent and encouraged me to apply for a secretary position for the elementary level for SFUSD. So, I did. I stayed in that position while my children were in college.

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