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"We Are SFUSD" shares real stories about our students, staff, leaders, and families with the community of San Francisco. Take a glimpse into the lives of the people who make up SFUSD, and learn how SFUSD core values to be student-centered, fearless, united, and to support social justice and diversity leads the work every day in our schools.


Sue McAlister, Grandparent at Malcolm X Academy

We chose this school because the teachers really get involved with the kids and give them extra attention. My grand kids wake up each morning excited to go to school. It makes me happy and trust that the teachers are doing it right.


Vivian Chan, After School Program Leader at John Yehall Chin Elementary School

I love doing art, cooking and playing with the kids. Talking and giving individual attention to each kid really helps build my relationships with them. Watching them grow and develop has been very rewarding.


Waiman Fong, Alumni of Spring Valley Elementary School Class of 1987

I attended Spring Valley in the 80's, where Ms. Lonnie Chin was my principal, and to my amazement, Mrs. Lily Lee who was the secretary back then, is still the secretary today. So here I am, my kids are attending the same school I attended, and I'm the PTA president.


Samantha Sherman, Teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School

I’m a Lincoln alum and now I teach at Lincoln. We saw that too many of our black and brown students leave before graduation. We are creating a small learning community that will enable students to feel like they belong as well as bringing more culturally relevant curriculum to engage them.


Steven Xie, Student at AccessSFUSD: The Arc

I love being in the community and learning how to be independent. I have an internship at the Academy of Sciences, take a Bollywood Dance fitness class, I take yoga, and volunteer at the Farmer’s Market. We also get to visit all of the museums in San Francisco. I learn reading, math, and social skills and also how to be a good friend. I get to be in charge of and plan for my own life. Access rocks!


Zachary Fineberg, 12th grader at Mission High School

Since kindergarten, my teachers in SFUSD have pushed and encouraged me in my photography. Last year, I was in a summer program for National Geographic with students from around the world. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in Japanese culture and had a great experience. My teachers value art and have supported me in reaching success.


Miguel Cuellar, Custodian at McKinley Elementary School

I don’t just clean. I help teachers assemble furniture, I answer questions from parents about the school, and I support the after school program. I do whatever is needed because taking care of the needs of the kids and teachers is a priority for me. Everyone is so wonderful --the kids, the students and the parents. I love it here.


Genesis, 5th grader at Sanchez Elementary School

When I’m on a team, we always support each other by staying positive and saying things like ‘You can do it!’ It’s important to find the bright side of every situation. If I have teammates who aren’t being positive, I talk to them and get them to see the bright side.


Terence Li, Teacher at Edwin and Anita Lee Newcomer School

I was born and raised in San Francisco. I attended Jean Parker Elementary School, Francisco Middle School and Mission High School. A big part of why I wanted to become a teacher here is because I want to give back to the children of the same community that raised me.


Baje Thiara, Executive Director of School Strategy & Systemic Support

I support all of our schools with strategizing and developing efficiencies in our systems and structures. It’s important to me that we look through the lens of equity so that everything we do at Central Office has a positive impact on student learning and outcomes at the school site level.