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"We Are SFUSD" shares real stories about our students, staff, leaders, and families with the community of San Francisco. Take a glimpse into the lives of the people who make up SFUSD, and learn how SFUSD core values to be student-centered, fearless, united, and to support social justice and diversity leads the work every day in our schools.


Somer, 12th-grader at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

I’ve been playing the flute since I was nine. Playing the flute got me interested in engineering. I was always fascinated with how the buttons moved and why they moved in such a way. I want to become an engineer for a tech firm by day and a musician by night.


Hydra Mendoza, Board of Education Vice President

We are focused on providing services for our students of need and our students of color. We’re going to channel our resources into making sure each and every student receives the education we promised them when they enrolled in San Francisco Unified School District. This is how equity comes into play.


Matthew Young, Special Needs Paraprofessional at John Yehall Chin Elementary School

Everyone here is important to me. I always arrive at school earlier just to stand outside and watch the kids to make sure no one is harassing our kids or smoking around the playground. I’m here to protect the kids. Seeing the kids smiling every day makes my job worthwhile.


Steveen, Kindergarten student at Mission Education Center’s First Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for my school. I’m thankful for this food. I’m grateful for my mom.


Shamann Walton, Board of Education President

Having an African-American superintendent is very important for the district. As we look to make sure we are providing support for our Latino and African American students who suffer from the biggest achievement gaps in the district, we have to make sure our leaders look like them. I want all of our kids to see that they can be superintendent. There are challenges to being a minority, but our job is to give everyone a quality education so our society can be better as a whole.


Eyad Abdel-Khaleq, teacher at Sanchez Elementary School

I knew early on that I wanted to teach. In middle school I was a tutor. In college, I found a really great program at San Francisco State University called Jump Start that paired me with preschool kids. From there, I fell in love with teaching early literacy and math. During my teacher preparatory program, I found out that teaching elementary school students was my calling. It’s my passion.


Matt Haney, Board of Education Commissioner

Our school district is made up of brilliant young people and committed educators who are striving to build a brighter and more just future for our city and our world. They’re up against incredibly difficult odds and barriers and still find tremendous success.


Ann Marin, principal at Sanchez Elementary School

The thing that attracted me to Sanchez Elementary School is the level of collaboration. To make a classroom successful, we work together as a community. Teachers, cafeteria and social workers work with me to make that happen. It’s a team-based approach.


Addy, 7th-grader at Willie Brown Middle School

I’m interested in science, so I chose Willie Brown Middle School. I like to tinker with old cell phones and take apart old radios and machines. At school now I build robots. Right now, we’re building a mini elevator. I’m a builder, but I’ve never built anything like this before.


Charleston Brown, principal at Willie Brown Middle School

I’ve always wanted to work in a traditional public school. I started as a counselor. That’s a different perspective because most principals were either English or history teachers. I decided to be a counselor so I could support students going to college. I wanted to be that face between the school, the family and the student to support them in their next journey.