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"We Are SFUSD" shares real stories about our students, staff, leaders, and families with the community of San Francisco. Take a glimpse into the lives of the people who make up SFUSD, and learn how SFUSD core values to be student-centered, fearless, united, and to support social justice and diversity leads the work every day in our schools.


Jaylan, 2017 graduate at Abraham Lincoln High School

I never would have graduated if it weren’t for my counselor, Ms. Brumbach. She helped me pass all of my classes and stay focused in school. She kept me on track. I wouldn't have graduated if it wasn't for her.


Nate, incoming 10th-grader attending the Outdoor Biology summer class at SFUSD

I heard good things about the summer program. I like it because we learn about biology during field trips instead of sitting in the classroom.


Vincent, 2017 graduate from Galileo Academy of Science and Technology High School

Good friends are hard to find. I went through high school trying to find quality friends. Once you find one or two quality friends, you’re set. We had sleepovers and stayed up until 1 or 2 a.m. talking about what we wanted to do in the future.


Cindy Cheung, Teacher at San Francisco International High School

The students that I teach at San Francisco International are all first generation immigrants. Seeing my students makes me think about how my parents were when they came here. My parents never had the opportunity to go to school because they had to work. Without my teachers, I don’t think I’d be where I am. Because of them, I do what I do every day.


Vialina, 2017 graduate from Abraham Lincoln High School

Find your passion. Follow what you want to do. For me, it was architecture. Finding architecture -- something that I love -- helped me get to this level. My friend group also is into architecture. They’ve always been there for me. We’ve had the greatest times.


Jordan, 2017 graduate at Abraham Lincoln High School

To incoming freshmen: join a club. Any club. You’ll get to meet a lot of new people. I was the drummer for the jazz band. I opened myself up to my band, and now we’re family.


Fatima, 2017 graduate at Abraham Lincoln High School

I’d like to thank all of my teachers because they never gave up on me, even when I had my worst moments in freshmen year. I overcame a lot of obstacles throughout my four years at Lincoln. Even if someone says you can’t do it, if you put in the effort and you really want it, then you’ll graduate. I’m proud of myself because I made it through.


Jacky, student in the Step Up program for incoming 6th-graders at Herbert Hoover Middle School

I want to be a bus driver when I grow up. My vehicle will be a love bus with a mission to shuttle those who need help.
("我的志願是當一個巴士司機。我的車會是一輛愛心巴士,接載那些需要幫助的人。"- Hoover 中學學生 Jacky)


Anngela, 2017 graduate at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology High School

My advice for incoming freshmen is to be more involved in school. Join a lot of extracurricular activities. Join student government. That will really help you with your college application. Also, have fun! You have to balance your academics but try to have fun at the same time.


Zahir, 2017 graduate at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology High School

I came to this country two years ago speaking almost no English. My teachers and counselors at Galileo became my chosen family. Without them, I wouldn’t be in this country right now, not only graduating, but learning as much as I learned -- from language to culture to everything. I moved here for this moment, for this day. I owe this day to them.